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Frozen Southern Blue Whiting Fish Fillets 6 Pack

Frozen Southern Blue Whiting Fish Fillets 6 Pack

We like to bring you the very best, that's why this Birds Eye Southern Blue Whiting is of the highest quality, wild caught from New Zealand. These fish fillets have been caught and snap frozen at sea for maximum freshness to bring all of the goodness of the ocean straight to your table. Southern Blue Whiting is a saltwater fish that has a sweet, mild flavour with delicate texture, and a good source of Omega-3.

Meal Ideas with Southern Blue Whiting Fish Fillets

1. "Blue Whiting Breakfast Tacos": 
    Kickstart your day with a delightful burst of nutrition. These breakfast tacos use crispy Blue Whiting fillets, topped with colorful veggies and paired with lightly scrambled eggs. They're a filling, protein-packed start to your family's day!
2. "Whiting Fish Buddha Bowl": 
    This bowl is a vibrant medley of oven-baked Blue Whiting, crisp greens, and sweet cherry tomatoes. It's drizzled with a tangy lemon dressing for an extra zesty kick. A balanced and nutrient-rich dinner option!
3. "Fish Fillet Sandwiches for Lunch": 
    This is an ideal lunch option with Southern Blue Whiting fillets layered between whole grain bread slices. Add a dash of low-fat tartar sauce and leafy greens for a guilt-free, sumptuous sandwich your kids would love.
4. "Whiting Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa": 
    This playful dinner option pairs flaky Blue Whiting fillets with a homemade, sweet, and tangy mango salsa. It's a tropical twist on traditional fish tacos that your family will savor!
5. "Blue Whiting Teriyaki Stir-Fry":
    This dish pairs nicely with steamed brown rice or noodles. The teriyaki-glazed Blue Whiting is sautéed with vibrant vegetables. It's a protein-packed dinner with a hint of Asian flavor!
6. "Spicy Southern Blue Whiting Quesadillas": 
    These quesadillas offer a spicy twist to your regular dinner. Melted cheese, flavorful spices and succulent Blue Whiting stuffed in a crisp whole wheat tortilla make this a quick, flavorful and healthy dinner option.
7. "Blue Whiting Fish Pitas":
    Perfect for a quick lunch, these pita pockets combine fresh salad ingredients with oven-baked Blue Whiting fillets and a tangy yogurt dill sauce. It's a light and refreshing meal, easy to pack for school or work lunches.
8. "Oven-Baked Whiting Fillets with Lemon Herb Crust":
    Try your hand at this dinner recipe - tender Blue Whiting fillets coated with a crunchy lemon and herb crust. It's cooked to golden perfection, pairing beautifully with steamed vegetables or a fresh garden salad.
9. "Blue Whiting Fish Lettuce Wraps":
    These wraps are a flavorful and low-carb option. Sterling Southern Blue Whiting, mixed veggies, and an inviting Asian-inspired sauce nestled within a crisp lettuce leaf makes this an exciting nutritious snack or light dinner.
10. "Whiting Fish and Vegetable Skewers":
    Ideal for a BBQ or grilling, these skewers combine chunks of Blue Whiting with bell peppers, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. They're a fun, healthful meal that gets everyone involved in the cooking process.
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