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Frozen Deli New Zealand Whiting Cracked Pepper Blend & Sea Salt Fillets 5 Pack

Frozen Deli New Zealand Whiting Cracked Pepper Blend & Sea Salt Fille…

Bringing you a range of premium quality hand cut fish fillets, coated in delicious light, crunchy crumb.
Packed in Australia from at least 30% Australian ingredients.

Meal Ideas with New Zealand Whiting Cracked Pepper Blend & Sea Salt Fillets

1. Whiting Fish Tacos with Citrus Slaw
 This is a fantastic dinner idea with a Mexican twist - enjoy crispy whiting fillets tucked in soft corn tortillas, topped with a tangy citrus slaw. The cracked pepper and sea salt fillets add a unique flavor dimension. 
2. Whiting Fillet with Quinoa Salad
 For a light and balanced lunch, enjoy this delicately baked whiting fillet, flakily perfect served over a nutritious quinoa salad. It's a high-protein, low-fat meal choice that's both filling yet light on the stomach. 
3. Whiting Fish and Chips
 A healthier twist to the classic British fare, bake the whiting fillets to golden perfection and serve with a side of homemade sweet potato fries. It's a hearty yet health-conscious family meal. 
4. Whiting Fillet on Olive Tapenade Toast
 Perfect for breakfast or a fancy brunch, enjoy a crispy piece of whiting fillet on top of toasted multigrain bread generously smeared with a tangy olive tapenade. 
5. Whiting Fillet Pasta
 A fast, fuss-free dinner, toss cooked pasta in a garlic-lemon-olive oil dressing and top it with golden baked whiting fillets. The crackled pepper and sea salt fillets bring in an extra tasty kick.
6. Whiting Fillet Burger with Avocado Sauce
 This is a nutritious lunch idea for those hectic weekdays - whiting fillet tucked inside a whole grain bun, layered with fresh veggies and homemade avocado sauce. 
7. Whiting Fillet Lettuce Wraps
 An innovative gluten-free snack idea, enjoy the crispy whiting fillets wrapped in fresh lettuce, topped with diced peppers, radishes, and a drizzling of light dressing. It's crispy, crunchy, and low in carbohydrates, making it a perfect mid-afternoon snack. 
8. Whiting Caesar Salad
 A seafood take on the classic Caesar salad - top your bowl of crisp romaine lettuce, shaved Parmesan, and whole grain croutons with crispy whiting fillets. It's a delectable mix of textures and flavors to please all palates.
9. Whiting Fillet Stir-fry 
 Add some crunch to your dinner with a vibrant stir-fry of colorful veggies and golden whiting fillets. Serve it over a bowl of steamed brown rice for a complete meal. 
10. Whiting Fillet Skewers
 Ideal for a barbecue or as party finger food, these skewers feature alternates of whiting fillets, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. The cracked pepper and sea salt coating on the fillets provides a smoky flair. Serve them with a tangy yogurt dip for an added zest.
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