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Follow Your Heart Sriracha Vegenaise

Follow Your Heart Sriracha Vegenaise

Are you ready for a real Sriracha Vegenaise?! We must warn you that you may never go back once you’ve had a taste of this sweet and spicy blend of traditional Sriracha chili peppers and soy-free Vegenaise. It’s spicy hot!

Recipe Ideas with Follow Your Heart Sriracha Vegenaise

1. Sriracha Vegenaise Veggie Wraps:
 A total game-changer for lunchtimes, these wraps are loaded with a medley of colourful, crunchy veggies and chickpeas, all tossed in vibrant Sriracha Vegenaise. It's a powerful punch of flavors that's both filling and guilt-free.
2. Spicy Vegan Sushi:
 Get creative with dinner and whip up your own sushi! Included in your sushi rolls can be avocado, pickled carrot, cucumber, and tofu, with Sriracha Vegenaise taking center stage as a tangy, spicy sauce alternative. 
3. Sriracha Vegenaise Potato Salad:
 Kick your traditional potato salad up a notch by adding a generous dollop of Sriracha Vegenaise. It will offer a spicy twist, and pairs amazingly with barbecued tofu skewers or vegan burgers.
4. Sweet and Spicy Tofu Stir-fry:
 For quick weeknight dinners, toss together a stir-fry of tofu, mixed vegetables, and your favorite noodles. Drizzle Sriracha Vegenaise to add a sweet and spicy element to your dish.
5. Spicy Vegenaise Breakfast Burrito:
 Pack your mornings with flavors with a hearty vegan burrito filled with scrambled tofu, black beans, fresh salsa, and a nice helping of Sriracha Vegenaise. It's a breakfast that's guaranteed to kickstart your day!
6. Tangy Sriracha Vegenaise Slaw:
 A healthier version of coleslaw where the creamy Vegenaise blends perfectly with the tangy heat of Sriracha to make a perfect side dish or a crunchy taco filling.
7. Spicy Vegan Pizza:
 Elevate your homemade pizzas by swapping traditional tomato sauce with Sriracha Vegenaise. Top it with your favorite veggies and vegan cheese for an indulgent dinner.
8. Sriracha Vegenaise Quinoa Bowl:
 For a satisfying, protein-rich meal, create a quinoa bowl loaded with colorful veggies, edamame, avocado, and Sriracha Vegenaise for that extra zing.
9. Spicy Avocado Toast:
 Revamp your morning avocado toast by topping it with a luxurious spread of Sriracha Vegenaise. It's a perfect quick and spicy breakfast to fuel your day.
10. Sriracha Vegenaise Vegan Pasta Salad:
 Ideal for picnics or potlucks, this pasta salad made with your favorite veggies, chickpeas, and a generous amount of Sriracha Vegenaise can make anyone fall in love with vegan cooking. It's light, flavorful, and utterly satisfyi
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