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Fig And Almond Tanker Toppers Lactation Biscuits

Fig And Almond Tanker Toppers Lactation Biscuits

Franjos Kitchen Choc Chip Tanker Toppers Lactation Biscuits are scrumptious biscuits for your boobs. Jo, Franjos Kitchen's naturopath and nutritionist has paired fibre-packed figs with antioxidant-rich almonds – a marriage made in biscuit heaven.

This nutty figgy deliciousness is joined by an array of superfoods including oats, chia seeds, coconut oil and buckwheat flour. The result? A nutrient-packed biscuit.

Franjos Kitchen fig and almond Tanker Toppers tick all three #mumlife boxes – they’re convenient, they’re super yum and they can be eaten with one hand! They’re also free from dairy and eggs (hi vegan mums) and don’t contain any refined sugar, additives or preservatives (hi health conscious foodies).

Sweet Delights with Fig And Almond Tanker Toppers Lactation Biscuits for Lactating Mums

1. "Boosted Breakfast Smoothie" 
 Blend the Fig and Almond Tanker Toppers Lactation Biscuits with banana, almond milk and a tablespoon of honey. This creamy smoothie offers a breakfast packed with energy and essential nutrients, perfect for nursing mothers.
2. "Superfood Biscuit Porridge" 
 Crumble the biscuits into a bowl of warm oatmeal. The added crunch and fig-almond flavor turn an ordinarily simple porridge into a nutrient-dense, palate-pleasing meal.
3. "Protein-Packed Lunch Wrap" 
 Include these biscuits as part of a protein-packed lunch wrap. Spread almond butter on a whole-grain tortilla, add sliced bananas and crumble some biscuits on top before rolling it up. The biscuits add a unique texture and flavor, not to mention a healthy boost.
4. "Nutritious Biscuit Crumble" 
 Crush the biscuits and sprinkle over a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit for an easy, nutritious snack or dessert. It's like having a deconstructed cookie parfait! 
5. "Mixed Green Salad with Biscuit Croutons" 
 Revamp your typical salad by adding crumbled biscuits. Their crunchiness and unique flavor will make your salad more enjoyable and filling. 
6. "Creamy Mushroom Soup with Biscuit Bits" 
 Serve the soup with crumbled biscuits on top, they will absorb some of the broth and soften, providing a wonderful blend of textures in every spoonful.
7. "Healthy Ice-Cream Sandwiches"
 Make a healthy version of ice-cream sandwich using these biscuits. Sandwich your favorite dairy-free ice cream between two biscuits for a deliciously guilt-free treat. 
8. "Fruit and Nut Crumble" 
 Bake a fruit and nut crumble, substituting traditional crumble with crumbled Fig and Almond Tanker Toppers for a healthier alternative. 
9. "Energy-Packed Trail Mix"
 Add these biscuits to your homemade trail mix. The biscuits will add some delicious texture and flavor. 
10. "After-school Snack Spread"
 Create a healthy after-school snack spread for your kids. Have them spread almond butter on the biscuits and top with sliced bananas or strawberries. Not only is this snack nutrient-packed, but it's also fun for the kids to make. 
Finally, these lactation biscuits can simply be enjoyed as is, right out of the package. Easy and convenient, they offer a scrumptious, nutrient-packed snack for anyone, anytime, anywhere!

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