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Down To Earth Organic Caraway Seeds

Down To Earth Organic Caraway Seeds

Organic Caraway Seeds

Recipes using Organic Caraway Seeds:

1. Caraway Breakfast Scramble: Start your day with this filling and flavorful scramble made with omega-3 rich organic eggs, pre-cooked diced sweet potatoes, spinach and a generous sprinkle of Organic Caraway Seeds. This simple protein-packed breakfast helps to keep your family feeling full until lunchtime while also offering essential nutrients. 

2. Caraway and Apple Smoothie: This blend gives a fresh twist to your usual morning smoothie. Pairing green apples, spinach, greek yogurt, honey with Organic Caraway seeds, result in a tangy-sweet, refreshing and nutritious smoothie bowl that's a huge hit among kids.

3. Seedy Snack Mix: A blend of organic nuts, seeds, dried fruits and honey-baked oats featuring the rich flavor of Caraway. This homemade mix is a perfect after-school snack or on-the-go energy booster during those busy weekdays. 

4. Caraway Spiced Baked Chicken: This baked chicken recipe is spiced with a mix of Organic Caraway seeds, thyme, lemon juice and olive oil. A flavorful, hearty dinner option that's delicious and easy to prepare. 

5. Caraway Infused Soups: A vibrant and creamy carrot or squash soup made tastier with the addition of Organic Caraway Seeds. The intriguing combination of flavors from the vegetables and caraway makes a delightful, comforting meal, especially during colder months. 

6. Caraway Roasted Veggies: For a light dinner or side dish, toss your favorite vegetables in olive oil, salt, pepper and a handful of caraway seeds. The vegetables burst with flavor when roasted and offer a tasty and healthful addition to your meal. 

7. Caraway-seeded Bread: This homemade bread, baked with organic wholemeal flour, wheat bran and caraway seeds, is not only nutritious but delicious too. It's a wonderful addition to your breakfast platter or as a side to your soups.

8. Caraway Spiced Rice Pilaf: A wholesome one-pot meal made with brown rice, mixed vegetables and the unique flavor of Organic Caraway seeds. You can pair this with some grilled chicken or tofu for that extra protein punch.

9. Caraway Bean Salad: A vibrant, crunchy and high protein salad featuring chickpeas, colorful veggies and Organic Caraway seeds added for an earthy, tangy kick. This salad can be an excellent addition to your lunchboxes.

10. Caraway Yoghurt Dip: This cool, creamy dip made with greek yogurt, garlic, lemon juice and a dash of Organic Caraway seeds is a great accompaniment to veggie sticks, pita chips and even as a spread on sandwiches. Making healthier choices can be delicious!
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