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Dotty Cookie

Dotty Cookie

Go dotty with this playful milk choc chunk cookie topped with rainbow dotty choc drops. As seen on cafe counters across Australia, the Dotty Cookie is a best seller. Now made with natural colours! This display box of 12x 60g cookies, individually wrapped for convenience, is the ultimate cookie stash!

Meal Ideas with Dotty Cookie

1. Dotty Cookie Breakfast Parfait: Start your day on a fun note with this multi-layered treat. Whisk together Greek yogurt and honey, then alternate layers between crumbled Dotty Cookies and sliced fruits in a tall glass. Top it with additional dotty choc drops for an extra playful touch.
2. Dotty Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches: For a simple yet exciting dessert, spread a scoop of your family's favourite ice cream in between two Dotty Cookies. You can even roll the edges in extra dotty choc drops for an additional colourful crunch.
3. Warm Dotty Cookie S'mores: A new spin on an old campfire classic, replace the traditional graham crackers with Dotty Cookies to sandwich a toasted marshmallow and a thin slab of dark chocolate. Your kids will enjoy the gooey, chunky treat that's an adventure to eat.
4. Dotty Cookie Milkshake: Make an indulgent milkshake by blending milk, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a crumbled Dotty Cookie. Top it with whipped cream and extra cookie crumbles to bring a dash of café magic into your home.
5. Dotty Cookie Fruit Tart: For a vibrant, fruity dessert, arrange slices of different fruits on a layer of cream cheese spread over a crumbled Dotty Cookie crust. 
6. Dotty Cookie Breakfast Bars: Combine chopped nuts, seeds, oats and crushed Dotty Cookie to create homemade breakfast bars. Mix together with natural honey or maple syrup and bake until firm. A healthy, portable breakfast for busy mornings.
7. Dotty Cookie Pancake Toppers: Make Saturday pancake breakfasts more special by sprinkling crushed Dotty Cookie bits over fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes. It adds a delightful texture and burst of flavour.
8. Dotty Cookie Trifle: Layer crumbled Dotty Cookie with whipped cream and fresh berries in clear glasses to create individual servings of an impressive dessert. 
9. Cookie Banana Split: A fun twist to a classic dessert; sliced bananas, scoop of ice cream, and crumbled Dotty Cookies come together to make a dish to remember. Add a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a cherry on top for a delightful finish.

In the end, cooking with Dotty Cookies not only adds nutritional value to your meals but also a touch of fun and excitement. Integrating them into your recipes will make meal times an enjoyable experience for the whole family.
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