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Damn Good Frozen Treat - Chocolate Rough Bar - 3 pack

Damn Good Frozen Treat - Chocolate Rough Bar - 3 pack

3 Bars per pack.  Delicious & smooth with a chocolatey layer on a coconut base. cacao lovers will be totally damn satisfied! Best enjoyed frozen or slightly thawed.

Recipes for this Chocolate Rough Bar:

1. "Choco-Coconut Smoothie Bowl": Start your day off right with this nutritious breakfast smoothie bowl. Blend Chocolate Rough Bar with almond milk and frozen banana until it reaches a creamy texture. Top it with chia seeds, granola, and fresh coconut for added crunch!
2. "Frozen Choco-Banana Pops": A fun and healthy snack for kids! Slice ripe bananas in half, stick a popsicle stick into each, dip into a melted Chocolate Rough Bar and freeze. A simple yet delicious mid-afternoon snack that your kids will love.
3. "Choco-Rough Pancakes": Give your regular pancakes a choco-coconut twist! Incorporate crumbled Chocolate Rough Bar into your pancake batter, serve it up with a drizzle of honey, and watch your family devour this breakfast treat.
4. "Choco-Coconut Energy Balls": Perfect for a quick energy boost! Combine oatmeal, Chocolate Rough Bar, pitted dates, and almond butter in a food processor. Roll into balls and enjoy as a mid-day snack or a post-workout treat.
5. "Chocolate Rough Overnight Oats": An easy, make-ahead breakfast solution. Blend one Chocolate Rough Bar with your choice of milk and layer it with oats in a mason jar. Refrigerate overnight for a hearty, satisfying breakfast packed with nutrients. 
6. "Choco-Coconut Yogurt Parfait": Layer Greek yogurt, crushed Chocolate Rough Bar, and fresh berries in a glass for a colorful and healthy dessert.
7. "Decadent Fudge Brownies": For a healthier take on brownies, blend the Chocolate Rough Bar with black beans, and a touch of honey. Bake it in the oven and serve your delicious guilt-free fudge brownies with a dusting of cocoa powder! 
8. "Choco-Coconut French Toast": Indulge in this weekend breakfast treat! Dredge your bread slices into a mixture of beaten eggs, then top it with crushed Chocolate Rough Bar before pan-frying.  Serve it up with maple syrup and fresh berries.  
9. "Frozen Fruit Kabobs": Thread pieces of your favorite fruits onto bamboo skewers, dip into melted Chocolate Rough Bar and freeze. A refreshing, healthy, and fun dessert option for parties and gatherings.
10. "Choco-Coconut Chia Pudding": This dessert doubles as a nutritious breakfast option! Mix chia seeds with almond milk, and sweeten it with crumbled Chocolate Rough Bar. Let it sit overnight and wake up to a creamy and tasty chia pudding!
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