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Daily Organics Kombucha Winter

Daily Organics Kombucha Winter

A natural probiotic tea tonic that has been enjoyed for thousands of years, historically credited with restoring vitality and promoting healing.

Recipes for this kombucha:

1. Kombucha Chia Pudding:
Kick-start your family's day with a nutritious Kombucha Chia Pudding. The absorbing power of chia seeds allows them to soak up the daily organics kombucha winter, enhancing the pudding with a refreshing taste and wholesome probiotics. Top with mixed berries for added vitamin C!
2. Kombucha Winter Smoothie:
 Blend together kombucha, bananas, and a spoonful of almond butter to create a smooth, creamy, and healthful breakfast smoothie. This recipe is a great way to enjoy the probiotic benefits of kombucha, while also aiding digestion and boosting energy levels for the day.
3. Kombucha Marinade Stir-fry:
 Use Daily Organics Kombucha Winter as a unique stir-fry marinade. The light tanginess of kombucha can tenderize meats while adding a burst of flavour. A nourishing dinner option packed with myriad nutrients from the colourful array of vegetables.
4. Kombucha Pancakes:
 Incorporate the benefits of probiotics into your morning pancakes by using kombucha instead of traditional buttermilk. The zing from the brew gives a lovely twist to the pancakes, making them not only tasty but also digestion-friendly.
5. Kombucha Winter Roasted Leg of Lamb:
 Marinate your lamb leg in kombucha winter and herbs overnight. The acid in the kombucha helps tenderize the meat and infuses it with a distinct flavour. It's a unique Sunday roast that's sure to impress.
6. Kombucha Sorbet:
 Blend kombucha with your favourite fruits and freeze to make a light and refreshing dessert that's packed with gut-friendly enzymes from the fermented tea.
7. Kombucha Winter Vegetable Soup:
 Enhance your classic vegetable soup with a splash of kombucha for an unexpected burst of flavour. This warm, comforting dish is an excellent source of fibre and probiotics, ensuring a well-rounded nutritional intake.
8. Kombucha Winter Salad Dressing:
 A quick blend of kombucha, olive oil, honey, and mustard results in a tangy and probiotic-rich dressing that's perfect for drizzling over a crisp salad.
9. Kombucha Fruit Jelly:
 Making jelly with Daily Organics Kombucha Winter can be a creative and enjoyable way to get your family to consume more probiotics. The sweet and tangy notes from the kombucha lend a refreshing note to the dessert.

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