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Cup Or Pot Tea Bags

Cup Or Pot Tea Bags

Our pesticide-free black tea travels from leaf to cup in as little as four weeks, depending on the season. In this short amount of time, the tea is harvested, fermented, dried, packed into reusable woven bags and sent from the Atherton Tablelands to our factory in Brisbane, where the tea is checked once again for quality, and then blended and packaged.

Recipe Ideas with Nereda Black Tea

Tea-infused Oatmeal: Kick off your morning with this cozy breakfast. Using our black tea, infuse the water for your oatmeal with flavor and antioxidants. Add fruits and nuts to increase the nutritional value.
Black Tea Poached Salmon: Health-conscious families will relish this delicious dinner. Steeping the salmon in a pot of our strong black tea lends delicate yet intriguing flavors to the fish. Serve alongside steamed veggies for a balanced meal.
Black Tea and Honey Glazed Chicken: A twist to your everyday chicken. Marinate the chicken pieces in a mixture of our black tea and honey. The result is a sweet, caramelized crust with a subtle tea undertone.
Green Apple and Black Tea Smoothie: An energizing snack with the goodness of green apples and the depth of black tea. Blend together with a bit of honey and enjoy a refreshing smoothie.
Black Tea Soba: For a unique, Asian-inspired dinner, cook your soba noodles in our standard black tea. The tea adds an earthy flavor to the noodles and complements the traditional soy-based dressing.
Black Tea Infused Pancakes: A batch of black tea pancakes for breakfast is a surefire way to start the day right. Instead of plain water, use our flavorful black tea in the batter that will result in a pleasant taste surprise.
Black Tea Popsicles: Introduce your kids to the robust flavor of black tea in a fun way with homemade popsicles! Combine brewed tea with natural sweetener and fruits for a healthy dessert.
Iced Peach Black Tea: Brew the pesticide-free black tea, chill it, and serve over ice with fresh peach slices. Sweeten with honey or agave for a refreshing and hydrating summer beverage.
Tea-Infused Fruit Compote:
Simmer mixed berries in a tea-infused syrup made with black tea, honey, and a dash of cinnamon. Spoon over yogurt or pancakes for a delightful and naturally sweet topping.

In all these recipes, remember to adjust the strength of the brew according to your family's preference. Our Cup Or Pot Tea Bags are versatile, proving to be an ideal product in your everyday cooking ventures.

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