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Coconut Custard

Coconut Custard

The Nature's Charm coconut custard is a naturally dairy free alternative for those who love custard. It's smooth, creamy and delicious with a hint of vanilla.
Packed with loads of coconut goodness, this custard makes a great delicious snack on it's own and is great as a topping for all your treats!
It could be cakes, pies, crumbles, trifles and just about everything!

Recipes using Coconut Custard:

1. Coconut Custard Breakfast Parfait: Perfect for a refreshing start to the day, layer this creamy custard with granola, fresh berries, and a drizzle of honey. Top with a sprinkling of chia seeds for added texture and nutritional benefits.
2. Fruit Salad with Coconut Custard Dressing: Make an exotic fruit salad even more appealing with a gentle coating of this custard. It perfectly complements fruits like mangoes, bananas, and pineapples, and adds a creamy sweetness that kids and adults will love.
3. Vegan Pancakes with Coconut Custard: Your regular pancake recipe gets a tropical twist when you replace traditional toppings with this healthier custard substitute. The hint of vanilla pairs beautifully with the slight sweetness of the pancakes.
4. Gluten-Free Coconut Custard Tart: A lovely dessert option for those with dietary restrictions. The crumbly gluten-free crust filled with silky coconut custard makes this tart irresistible and enjoyable for everyone in the family.
5. Coconut Custard Smoothie Bowl: Blend this custard with your favorite fruits and serve in a bowl with a choice of toppings such as granola, nuts, and more. It will add an exciting variation to your regular smoothie routine.
6. Chia Pudding Layered with Coconut Custard: A fill-you-up breakfast or a satisfying snack, create a delightful dish with layers of chia pudding and coconut custard. Garnish it with your favorite fruits or nuts for added crunch and flavor.
7. Coconut Custard Stuffed French Toast: Give your usual French toast an upgrade by stuffing it with creamy coconut custard. The custard balances out the richness of the toast, making it a delightful breakfast dish.
8. Coconut Custard Rice Pudding: Substitute regular milk puddings with this coconut custard to enhance the creaminess while maintaining the health quotient. This comforting treat can be relished warm or cold.
9. Coconut Custard Dip: A versatile dip that can be paired with fruit slices, cookies, or even pancakes. The excellent spreadability and sweet coconut flavor make this an instant favorite for any snack time.
10. Vegan Trifle with Coconut Custard: Nutrient-dense layers of fresh fruits, dairy-free sponge cake, and coconut custard make this trifle a guilt-free treat th
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