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Choc Nut Nograin-Ola

Choc Nut Nograin-Ola

Pure Delish Choc Nut Nograin-ola is a rich grain free blend of 72% nuts and seeds. This premium cereal contains only the very best ingredients – macadamia nuts, 70% dark real chocolate, pure maple and organic coconut… a heavenly blend.

Good to know…

72% nuts and seeds
No grains, gluten or egg
Paleo friendly
Only 6.1g of sugar per serve
No added salt or fruit
High in fibre
Source of protein

Meal Ideas with Choc Nut Nograin-Ola

Choc Nut Nograin-ola Pancakes: Start your mornings with these light, fluffy and a bit crunchy pancakes. The Choc Nut Nograin-ola can be added to a standard pancake mix (a gluten free one for those with sensitivities) for added texture and flavor. The dark chocolate chips provide a delightful sweetness, contrasted by the mix of nuts and seeds for a dose of protein. 
Tropical Choc Nut Nograin-ola Smoothie Bowl: Enjoy a refreshing and nutrient-dense breakfast. This can be made by blending together banana, spinach, a splash of non-dairy milk, and a handful of Choc Nut Nograin-ola. The cereal adds a depth of flavor and pleasantly crunchy texture to the smoothie bowl. 
Choc Nut Nograin-ola Energy Bars: Perfect snack for those on-the-go moments. It's simple to create by mixing Choc Nut Nograin-ola, natural honey, and any dried fruit. The resulting energy bars are a balanced blend of proteins from the nuts and seeds, simple carbs from the dried fruit, and some sweet satisfaction from dark chocolate. 
Choc Nut Nograin-ola with Roasted Apples: A warm comforting dessert or snack can be made by roasting apples and adding a sprinkle of Choc Nut Nograin-ola on top. The mix of nuts and dark chocolate bring a richness to the sweet and tart flavor of the apples.
Choc Nut Nograin-ola Greek Yogurt Parfait: A quick and satisfying breakfast or snack idea that layers Greek yogurt, Choc Nut Nograin-Ola, and fresh berries. The high-protein Greek yogurt complements the nutty flavor profile, while the berries provide a pop of tart freshness.
Choc Nut Nograin-ola Banana Bread: A spin on a classic favorite, enhance your banana bread recipe by adding a cup of Choc Nut Nograin-ola to the dough before baking. The result is an added crunch and flavor dimension to your loaf.

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