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Choc Chip Protein Cookie

Choc Chip Protein Cookie

Justine's Choc Chip Protein Cookies are freshly baked, keto friendly and deliver a low carb, high protein, smart snacking solution. A healthier version of your traditional choc chip cookie with soft notes of vanilla and chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth.

This delicious soft baked cookie has extremely low carbs, just 1.1g per serve and is high in protein, delivering 16.1g of protein per 60g cookie.It is made with no wheat and gluten, just pure almond meal for nutrition, is high in fibre (delivering 20% RDI), high in calcium (27% RDI) and with no added sugar!

This cookie will keep you fuller for longer, making it the perfect on-the-go alternative. Long shelf life for the essential pantry item proudly made in New Zealand.

Meal Ideas with Choc Chip Protein Cookie

Breakfast Yogurt Parfait: Start off your day with a nutritional bang by incorporating Choc Chip Protein Cookie into your morning routine. Layer Greek yogurt, diced fresh fruit and crumbled cookie pieces in a tall glass for an utterly delicious, beautiful and easy-to-make breakfast parfaits. High protein, rich in antioxidants, and calcuim - it is an ideal start to any day.
Protein-Packed Pancakes: Smash an entire cookie into a fine powder and add it into your pancake batter. This gives your pancakes an added protein boost and a subtle chocolate touch, making your pancakes healthier and more enjoyable. The delightful play of chocolate chunks from the cookie would leave your family asking for more.
Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches: Blend frozen bananas until smooth and creamy, and place a generous amount between two Choc Chip Protein Cookies to create an unexpected and fun dessert or snack. Pack full of fibre and protein, this ice cream-like treat is not just delicious to taste, but also guilt-free.
Protein-Infused Smoothie: Toss a cookie into a blender alongside your favorite fruits and almond milk for a hearty protein-infused smoothie. The fragments of choc chip and almond meal give an interesting texture to the smoothie, making it taste more like a treat than a health drink. 
Creative Protein Truffles: Finely grind the cookies, mix with almond butter and honey, then roll into bite-sized balls. Coat these with crushed nuts or dark chocolate shavings for that extra oomph. These truffles are high in protein and fibre, making them an excellent post-workout option or a midday snack.
Trail Mix Addition: Break the cookie into small pieces and mix it with dried fruits, toasted seeds and nuts to create the ultimate trail mix. This healthy snack offers a satisfying crunch and a hint of sweetness from the choc chips. Perfect for those treks or just simple movie nights at home.
8. Healthy Choc Chip Milkshake: Blend a cookie with chilled almond milk to create a flavorful and nourishing choc chip protein milkshake. This is a perfect refreshment that combines both taste and health. It can be served as an evening snack or dessert, highly preferred by the kids. 

With these eight delicious and healthy ideas, make the most out of the Choc Chip Protein Cookies and show your family that healthy eating can be fun and diverse.

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