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CHEFS CHOICE Alcofree Vanilla Extract

CHEFS CHOICE Alcofree Vanilla Extract

Chef's choice alcohol free vanilla extract is made from the finest high quality hand-harvested Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla pods. Gives any sweet dish a decadent hint of vanilla without the use of alcohol. From sponge cakes to pancakes, ice cream, vanilla lattes and more, there's no end to the deliciousness here.

Recipe Ideas with Chefs Choice Alcofree Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Chia Pudding: Start your day with this healthy mix of chia seeds and milk, sweetened with agave nectar, and finished with a splash of Chef's Choice Alcofree Vanilla Extract. This pudding is high in fiber, low in sugar, and ideal for the health-conscious family.
Vanilla Oat Pancakes: These wheat-free pancakes, flavored with our vanilla extract, provide a hearty breakfast that can be topped with fresh fruits or syrup. The pancakes can be easily reheated, making them a quick and convenient weekday breakfast solution.
Vanilla Banana Smoothie: This thick and creamy smoothie uses ripe bananas, yogurt, chia seeds, and a hint of vanilla extract. A perfect breakfast or snack option, it's packed with the right nutrients to power your day.
Vanilla-Scented Grill Chicken: For a savory dish, try grilled chicken marinated in a delicate blend of olive oil, garlic, honey, and our vanilla extract. The latter adds a unique aroma and subtly enhances the flavors, promising an exciting twist to your regular dinner.
Alcofree Vanilla Extract Roasted Vegetables: Give your veggies a boost with this unique flavor integration. Roasting them with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and a spritz of Alcofree Vanilla Extract helps to caramelizes them and bring depth and sweetness to the dish.
Vanilla Infused Quinoa: This recipe presents a lovely combination of fluffy quinoa with dried fruits and nuts, all elevated by the intoxicating flavor of our vanilla extract. Served hot or cold, it makes an ideal side dish.
Vanilla Apple Sauce: Homemade apple sauce is simple, tasty, and made even more delightful with the addition of the Chef's Choice Alcofree Vanilla Extract. Enjoy it as a tarty dessert or as a condiment in your dinner table.
Vanilla Almond Energy Balls: These easy-to-make energy balls are packed with proteins and healthy fats from almonds, dates, oats, and boosted with a hint of vanilla. A great snack on the go or just before workouts.
Vanilla-Spiced Hot Chocolate: Give your traditional hot chocolate a surprising twist with a drop of Alcofree Vanilla Extract for an extra depth of flavor. It’s a perfect way to warm up chilly evenings.
Alcofree Vanilla Ice Cream: This homemade ice cream recipe uses our vanilla extract, cream, and sweeteners to create an indulgent dairy-free dessert. The rich vanilla flavor will have everyone asking for seconds.
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