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Chantal Organics Muesli Swiss Bircher

Chantal Organics Muesli Swiss Bircher

8.3g protein per serving, 5.2g fibre per serving , Sulphite free, Our Swiss Bircher Museli is handmade with a tasty mix of dried NZ apple, raisins, lightly toasted almonds, hazelnuts and seeds, giving it a delicate sweetness and the perfect texture. Traditionally, Swiss bircher muesli is soaked overnight in milk, yoghurt or fruit juice and eaten with fresh fruit., Preservative and GMO free., Unleashing the genius of nature for a healthy you and healthy planet - At Chantal Organics, we've been quietly working alongside nature for the last 40 years. Our range of delicious and nutritious foods make it easy for you to enjoy the unrivalled goodness and taste of organic food that only nature can create., The original overnight oats with apple, almonds, hazelnuts & pumpkin seeds, Organic

Recipe Ideas with Chantal Organics Muesli Swiss Bircher

"Bircher Muesli Breakfast Bowl": Kickstart your day the Swiss way with our Bircher Muesli Breakfast Bowl. Soak the Swiss Bircher Muesli in almond milk overnight, then top with fresh fruits like banana, berries and kiwi in the morning for a refreshing and healthy start to your day.
"Bircher Muesli Power Pancakes": Add a twist to your regular pancake recipe by incorporating the Chantal Organics Muesli Swiss Bircher in your batter. Topped with maple syrup or honey, these pancakes bring you both nutrition and a delightful, hearty breakfast.
"Fruity Bircher Smoothie": Blend a serving of Swiss Bircher Muesli with almond milk, fresh berries, and a banana for a wholesome, satiating smoothie. Perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or a refreshing afternoon snack.
"Apple-Bircher Muesli Muffins": Stir a cup of Muesli Swiss Bircher into your favorite muffin batter, adding extra moisture, fiber, and a delightful crunch, for a nutritious twist to your regular muffins.
"Bircher Overnight Chia Pudding": Mix a serving of Bircher Muesli with chia seeds and almond milk, leaving them to soak overnight. Come morning, you will have a wholesome chia pudding layered with muesli, perfect for a quick and energizing start to your day. 
"Hearty Bircher Muesli Breakfast Bars": For a quick snack on-the-go, create homemade granola bars with the Swiss Bircher Museli. Mix with honey and bake until firm, giving you a crunchy, protein-filled treat to power you through the day.
"Bircher Muesli Yogurt Parfait": Layer Greek yogurt with soaked Swiss Bircher muesli, followed by fresh fruits and honey, repeating the steps for a deliciously healthy yogurt parfait breakfast.
"Tropical Bircher Muesli Smoothie Bowl": Blend Swiss Bircher muesli with tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapple, and a dash of almond milk for a tropical smoothie bowl. Top it with coconut flakes, chia seeds, and fresh fruits for a supremely satisfying breakfast or light lunch.
"Bircher Muesli Baked Oatmeal": Combine soaked Bircher muesli with maple syrup, baking powder, and an egg. Bake the mixture until golden brown for a comforting oatmeal dish that makes an indulgent but healthy breakfast or dessert option.
"Chocolate Bircher Muesli Cookies": Add nutrition to your sinful indulgence. Replace the oats in your normal cookie recipe with the Swiss Bircher muesli, and bake some healthy and filling cookies that the whole family will love.
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