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Certified Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder

Certified Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder

Natava SuperFoods Certified Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder is truly very special, as it is not farmed, but instead collected from the rain forest regions of Ecuador!
The entire process is temperature controlled and is a truly raw product.
NZ Best Cacao Powder.

Recipe Ideas with Certified Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder

Chocolate Banana Smoothie: Blend Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder with ripe bananas, almond milk, and honey for a naturally sweet, energizing breakfast. The raw cacao not only adds a rich chocolate flavor but also a boost of antioxidants.
Superfood Energy Balls: Using oats, chia seeds, coconut, and medjool dates as a base, add Heirloom Cacao Powder for a chocolate twist. These snack balls are perfect for quick energy during busy afternoons or post-workout.
Cacao Chia Pudding: Mix chia seeds with almond milk, honey, and Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder, then let it chill overnight. Top with fresh fruit for a nutritious and satisfying breakfast or dessert.
Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream: Blitz frozen bananas, avocado, and Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder in a food processor. Serve immediately for a soft-serve consistency or freeze for a more traditional ice cream texture.
Chocolate Zucchini Muffins: Incorporate Heirloom Cacao Powder into a mix of whole wheat flour, shredded zucchini, and apple sauce for a healthier take on chocolate muffins. They are perfect for a guilt-free indulgence.
Hearty Cacao Chili: Add a couple of tablespoons of Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder to your chili recipe. The cacao gives the chili a depth of flavor and a unique twist.
Mexican Hot Chocolate: Heat almond milk with cinnamon, vanilla, chili powder, and Heirloom Cacao Powder, sweeten with a touch of honey. The result is a comforting drink with a spicy kick.
Chocolate-Covered Strawberries: Melt coconut oil with Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder and honey, then dip fresh strawberries in it. Chill till the coating sets for a decadent, antioxidant-rich treat.
Cacao Avocado Mousse: This refined-sugar-free dessert option features avocados, Heirloom Cacao Powder, vanilla extract, and sweetened with maple syrup or honey. It's rich, creamy, and provides a dose of healthy fats.
Cacao Pancakes: Blend oats, banana, egg, and Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder to create a batter, then cook your pancakes as usual for a superfood breakfast treat.
Cacao Almond Granola: Mix oats, almonds, honey, and Organic Raw Heirloom Cacao Powder, then bake until crispy. This granola is perfect for a crunchy snack or a breakfast topping.
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