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Certified Organic Clean Greens

Certified Organic Clean Greens

Natava SuperFoods Certified Organic Clean Greens whole food mix, is a blend of 7 top organic greens.We have carefully selected what we believe to be the top 7 greens for maximum benefit. Clean Greens is perfect for the fast-paced life, so you can easily get vitally important greens into your day, without any of the nasties!
We all know greens are good for us but are they clean?Clean Greens is Certified Organic so you can be rest assured that it really is clean, made without pesticides and herbicides.  In fact, the entire process from farmer to customer is strictly regulated to ensure our product remains 100% clean!

Recipe Ideas with Certified Organic Clean Greens

Clean Greens Smoothie Bowl: A great start to the day, the Clean Greens smoothie bowl combines the powerhouse Clean Greens mix with a selection of fresh fruits in an invigorating breakfast creation. Adding blended frozen bananas as the base, you can also throw in some strawberries, avocado or Kiwi for that burst of flavor.
Vegan Pesto Pasta: Making a batch of Clean Greens vegan pesto is incredibly simple and versatile. Blend together Clean Greens mix, basil, garlic, nutritional yeast, and cashews along with some olive oil to make the pesto. Toss it with your favorite pasta for a nutritious and delicious meal.
Clean Greens Muffins: Baking with Clean Greens mix can elevate the nutritional profile of baked goods. Fold in a spoonful or two of the mix into your favorite muffin recipe to introduce a powerful punch of nutrients without affecting the taste.
Green Akni Rice: An exotic and healthy middle-eastern inspired meal, Akni Rice cooked with Clean Greens, herbs, vegetables, and your preferred protein (chicken, tofu) creates a powerful antioxidant-rich hearty dinner.
Clean Greens Salad Dressing: By incorporating Clean Greens into a homemade vinaigrette, you get a nutrient-dense dressing perfect for salads. Blend Clean Greens, vinegar, olive oil, and seasonings. This dressing is perfect for drizzling over fresh leafy greens or roasted veggies.
Power Pancakes: Create tasty and nutritious pancakes by adding a scoop of Clean Greens into your regular pancake batter. Serve them with your favorite healthy toppings such as Greek yogurt and berries.
Clean Greens Energy Bars: Compact and full of energy, these bars provide a perfect quick snack on the go. Blend nuts, dates, oats, and Clean Greens in a food processor, transfer to a tray, freeze, and cut into bars.
Hearty Green Soup: Perfect for the cooler days, this soup is comforting and full of nutrients. This involves a base of onions and garlic, mixed with a variety of green veggies and a generous scoop of Clean Greens mix, making it a concentrated source of essential nutrients.
Clean Greens Ice Pops: Blend together coconut water, honey, and the Clean Greens mix. Pour the concoction into ice pop molds, freeze, and enjoy this refreshing and detoxifying treat.
Green hummus: Make traditional hummus more nutritious by adding a scoop of Clean Greens. It complements the natural flavor of the chickpeas, garlic, and tahini while boosting the nutritional content.
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