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Cashew Coconut & Hemp SpreadSmooth

Cashew Coconut & Hemp SpreadSmooth

Grounded Natural Nut Butter - Cashew, Coconut & Hemp (Smooth) This premium, smooth nut butter by Essential Hemp is a delicious combination of cashew nuts, coconut oil and nutrient-dense hemp seeds. Completely free from additives, fillers and sweeteners, this deliciously nutritious, natural spread is packed with plant-based protein and a great source of omega 3 and 6. Great source of plant-based protein & healthy fats Free from additives, fillers & sweeteners Vegan friendly & gluten-free This flavoursome combo can be added to smoothies, spread on toast or simply eaten by the spoonful!
Size: 250g Jar

Recipe Ideas with Cashew Coconut & Hemp Spread Smooth

Omega Breakfast Toast: Start your family’s day off right with toasts slathered with cashew coconut & hemp spread. The blend's high protein content aids in muscle recovery and keeps everyone feeling satiated longer. Plus, you still get the familiar texture and taste of a conventional morning toast.
Healthy Pancake Topping: Swap sugary syrups for this nutrient-rich nut spread when topping a stack of healthy pancakes. Its creamy texture and subtle sweetness from the cashews and coconut make it a superb, healthier alternative to conventional syrup or butter.
Wholesome Smoothie Additive: Augment the nutritional value of your homemade smoothies by adding a dollop of this soothing nut butter. It provides thickness and depth to any smoothie, while also packing in essential healthy fats and proteins.
Protein-Rich Dipping Sauce: Enjoy guilt-free snacking by pairing fresh apple slices, celery sticks, or whole-grain crackers with this smooth spread that's loaded with protein and healthy fats. This makes a quick and easy afternoon nutritious snack for the family. 
Nutritious Salad Dressing: Puree this honeyed nut butter alongside olive oil, vinegar, and a touch of sea salt for a unique, nutritious salad dressing. It imparts a rich, creamy texture and a subtle nutty flavor that complements crisp vegetables perfectly.
Vibrant Veggie Stir-Fry Sauce: Amp up your classic vegetable stir-fry dish by using this nut spread as a flavor base. Just blend in some soy sauce and garlic for a warm, luxurious sauce that coats veggies beautifully while adding an extraordinary protein boost.
Sweet Protein Energy Balls: Combine rolled oats, dried fruit, and a generous serving of cashew coconut & hemp spread to create delicious, protein-packed energy balls. These make for excellent, portable breakfast options or school snacks that kids would love.
Vegan Dessert Filling: Enrich vegan baked goods like cookies or muffins by incorporating this sweet spread as a filling. It works as a delicious and healthy substitute for cream or sugary fillings, adding to the overall health quotient of your baked treats.
Wholesome Nacho Dip: Blend this nut butter with mild spices to make a nutritious dip for great family movie nights in. A great way to sneak in nutritious elements even during snack times.
Exotic Ice Cream Topper: Drizzle this warm nut butter on top of your homemade ice-cream or any exotic dessert for a rich, creamy, and slightly crunchy texture that will have your family reaching for seconds. 

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