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Carman's Super Berry Cranberry Blueberry & Goji Muesli

Carman's Super Berry Cranberry Blueberry & Goji Muesli

Carman's Super Berry Cranberry, Blueberry & Goji Muesli is crisp oven-baked muesli bursting with berries, coconut, pepitas & crunchy nuts. Nothing to hide when it's real inside. Source of fibre, Low GI, Low FODMAP Certified, Proudly Australian made and owned.

Recipe Ideas with Carman’s Super Berry Cranberry Blueberry & Goji Muesli

Super Berry Overnight Oats: Soak your Carman's Super Berry Muesli overnight in almond milk, and top it with fresh fruits and a drizzle of honey. The muesli softens overnight and swells, offering a pleasant texture and flavour that provides a nutritious start to your day.
Super Berry Parfait: Layer yogurt, muesli, and fruits in a glass for a visually appealing and healthful snack. Carman’s Super Berry Muesli adds a delightful crunch and a delicious berry blast, making it a favourite among kids and adults alike.
Super Berry-stuffed Apples: Core apples and stuff them with a mix of muesli and a touch of cinnamon. Bake until the apples are tender and the topping is crispy. This sweet and healthy dessert fills your home with a heady aroma of spices and baked apples.
Super Berry Smoothie Bowl: Blend banana, spinach, almond milk until smooth, and pour into a bowl. Top with your super berry muesli for a nutritious and energy-packed breakfast bowl.
Super Berry Muesli Bars: Melt a bit of honey with almond butter until you achieve a smooth consistency. Mix with your super berry muesli, press into a baking dish, and chill. Cut into bars for a grab-and-go snack loaded with whole grain goodness.
Berry-full Pancakes: Add a generous handful of Carman's Super Berry Muesli into your healthy pancake batter for an added texture and burst of berry flavour. 
Nutty Muesli Cookies: Mix muesli with mashed bananas and a dash of vanilla. Dollop onto a cookie sheet and bake to create wholesome cookies that are chewy, crispy, and packed with nutritious ingredients. 
Super Berry Bircher Muesli: Soak your muesli in apple juice overnight, and in the morning, add grated apple and a dollop of yogurt. This Swiss-style muesli breakfast is refreshing and rich in fibre.
Super Berry Salad Sprinkle: Sprinkle your super berry muesli on top of a salad for added texture and nutrients. The nuts, seeds, and berries in the muesli provide extra flavour to your green salad.

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