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Carman's Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets

Carman's Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets

Carman's Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets 8 pack. Rise and shine to a steaming hot bowl of nutritious porridge combining Australian whole grain oats, sweet apple and juicy sultanas sprinkled with pepitas and chia seeds.

"Good Morning" Porridge Pancakes:
 Start the day off right with a delightful twist on an old favourite. Use Carman's Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets to make delectable porridge pancakes. The delightful mix of sultanas, apples, and cinnamon offers the pancakes a hint of natural sweetness. Top with a dollop of yoghurt and a sprinkle of chia seeds for that extra crunch.
Breakfast Parfait:
Layer Carman's Gourmet Porridge, Greek yoghurt and your preferred selection of fruits for a delicious and nutritious parfait. This refreshing breakfast is a timeless combo of crunchy, creamy and sweet flavours.
Oats Banana Bread:
Prepare a healthier version of banana bread by using Carman's Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets. This bread delivers a beautiful moist texture and warm flavours of apple, sultana, and cinnamon, making snacking guilt-free and satisfying.
Porridge Muffins:
 Perfect for snacking or a grab-n-go breakfast. The generous mixture of oats, apple, sultana and cinnamon in these muffins provide a good dose of fibre while maintaining their delicious taste.
"Kickstart" Porridge Smoothie:
Blend the Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana and Cinnamon Sachets with bananas and your favourite dairy-free milk for a quick, delicious smoothie. This is a healthy, refreshing start to your day, on-the-go meal or a post-workout pick-me-up.
Healthy Porridge Cookies:
These cookies aren't just yummy - they're also packed with the healthy benefits of oats, apple, sultana and cinnamon. Enjoy them as a snack or a quick breakfast option.
Family-size Porridge Apple Crumble:
This classic dessert gets a healthy twist. Carman's Gourmet Porridge Apple Sultana & Cinnamon Sachets takes it to another level with its rich, apple-sultana and cinnamon experience for an utter enjoyment of flavours.
Nutty Porridge Bars:
Serve your family with nutrient-packed bars made from Carman's Gourmet Porridge. Combined with nuts, seeds and touch of natural sweetener, these bars are perfect for those busy days when you need a quick, healthy snack.
Spiced Porridge Pudding:
Turn Carman's Gourmet Porridge into a comforting dessert that your family is sure to love. Cooked slowly and mixed with spices and a touch of sweetener, it becomes a cosy, warming treat. 
Remember, this is more than a just breakfast item, it's a feast waiting to be discovered. It's time to get creative and healthy with Carman's Gourmet Porridge.

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