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Carman's Fibre Rich Probiotic Honey & Almond

Carman's Fibre Rich Probiotic Honey & Almond

Give your digestive health and wellbeing the support it needs with a steaming bowl of Carman's Fibre Rich Probiotic Porridge Sachets in Creamy Honey & Almond. With half a billion probiotic* cultures, less than 4g sugar+, excellent source of fibre and very high in whole grain. Contains no artificial colours or flavours. Ready to serve in 90 seconds. Made from Australian whole grain oats, crunchy almonds and creamy honey, this porridge also contains half a billion probiotics cultures per serve. Enjoy! With half a billion probiotic cultures per serve. Less than 4g sugar per serve. Excellent source of fibre. Very high in whole grain.

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