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Carman's Aussie Oat Vanilla Birthday Cake Muesli Bars

Carman's Aussie Oat Vanilla Birthday Cake Muesli Bars

Carmans Aussie Oat Bars Special Edition Vanilla Birthday Cake is lunchbox friendly we have not added any nuts to this recipe however we do share equipment with other products that contain nuts with less than 4g sugar contains on average less than 4g sugar per bar and 54 whole grain Contains no artificial colours or flavoursMake everyday feel like a birthdayVanilla Birthday CakeA delicious goodforyou energy boost for when youre on the go go goSuperduper Aussie oats topped with lipsmacking sprinkles a creamy white choc drizzleThe perfect party for your tastebudsKeep an eye out for one of our super special writeon wrappersScrumptious recipes made from Aussie oats honesttogoodness ingredients My kids cant get enough of themCarolyn CreswellCreator of CarmansLunchbox FriendlyNo artificial colours or flavours54 Whole grainProudly Australian made and owned

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