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Caramel Banana Bread Mix With Maca

Caramel Banana Bread Mix With Maca

Clean Mixes Caramel Banana Bread Mix with Maca is super easy to make and is bursting with only wholesome ingredients, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. It’s easy to see why this mix has a strong following of fans, it’s even been described as life changing!
Maca is what gives this baking mix its incredible caramel tasteMake a loaf or use this mix to make cake or a muffins - the options are endless.

Recipe Ideas with Caramel Banana Bread Mix With Maca

Maca Caramel Banana Bread Pancakes: Transform your morning with these delicious pancakes made with the wholesome caramel banana bread mix for a satisfying and nutritious start to any day. Enjoy the bursts of caramel and banana flavours, coupled with the powerful superfood Maca. 
Maca Banana Bread Waffles: An inventive twist to regular waffles, use the mix to prepare these tasty waffles and amplify the nutrition level with Maca. This 'waffled' banana bread is a great breakfast option that kids would love!
Garlic and Herb Maca Bread: This recipe sees the caramel banana bread mix take a savory turn, with the addition of garlic and herbs. Taste the caramel undertones combined with wholesome superfood Maca resulting in a unique side for soups or entrée.
Maca Banana Bread Pudding: Elevate your typical banana bread pudding with the caramel and Maca infused mix. Drizzled with honey or a dusting of powdered sugar, this comforting dessert is sure to please anyone.
Banana Bread Muffins with Maca: Mini, moist, and mouthful, these muffins carry the delightful caramel and banana combination from the base mix, made even more special by the inclusion of Maca.
Maca Caramel Banana Bread Mix Ice Cream Sandwiches: Make interesting ice cream sandwiches with slices of baked caramel banana bread mix. The Maca added to the bread mix brings a unique twist, making this dessert a memorable delight.
Caramel Banana Bread Truffles with Maca: Mix in some cream cheese into the baked bread, make them into balls, and dip them in chocolate for some delicious truffles. The Maca gives these sweet tidbits a healthy kick, letting you enjoy guilt-free snacking.
Maca Streusel Banana Bread: Add some crunchy streusel topping to the baked caramel banana bread, delivering a delightful contrast in textures while maintaining the nutritional benefits from the Maca.
Maca and Chocolate Swirl Banana Bread: Swirl some melted dark chocolate into the mix before baking, adding a tasty bitter balance to the sweet caramel and banana flavors from the base mix and the unique essence of Maca. This recipe will definitely be a family favorite!
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