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Campos Decaf Ground Coffee

Campos Decaf Ground Coffee

Campos Coffee Decaf. Syrupy and Bold Blend Sweet like Malt chocolate. Flavours like real coffee. Portland Roast. Since our passionate founder Will Young opened his first Campos cafe in Newtown in 2002, we've been on a mission to help everyone love great coffee as much as we do. Who said decaf can't taste good? We love delivering a great decaf and we take this product very seriously using the Swiss Water Process. The swiss water process gently removes caffeine with out using chemicals to deliver the very best taste in every cup. Chocolatey goodness with milk. Enjoyed black, you'll have real coffee flavours with caramelly sweetness too. Our decaf is ideal for espresso, plunger and stovetop brewing methods. Naturally Decaffeinated Coffee Specialty Coffee Roasted and packed in Australia. Born and Bred in Newtown
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