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Calm & Relax Loose Leaf Tea

Calm & Relax Loose Leaf Tea

Premium Organic Loose Leaf Tea - Calm & Relax
This premium loose leaf tea by Kintra Foods is a gluten-free, aromatic herbal blend of organic and natural ingredients, including organic sweet fennel, organic passionflower and organic marshmallow root. This delicious blend is the ideal tea to help soothe and calm your busy mind.

Recipe Ideas with Calm & Relax Loose Leaf Tea

Calm & Relax Tea Infused Oatmeal: Begin your day on a calm note with this scrumptuous, nutrient-rich oatmeal cooked with the soothing Calm and Relax Tea. This oatmeal not only delivers a unique flavor profile but also promotes relaxation and mental calm. 
Coconut and Tea Energy Balls: Perfect for a quick midday pick-me-up, these balls are made with dates, shredded coconut, and Calm & Relax Tea. They are easy to prepare and offer a delightful burst of energy, flavor, and tranquility.
Relaxing Iced Tea Popsicles: A fun and refreshing snack for the family, these popsicles are made by freezing the Calm and Relax Tea with a hint of honey. Your family can enjoy the calming benefits of the tea in a novel and enjoyable way. 
Herbal Tea Roasted Chicken: Subtle flavors of organic sweet fennel, passionflower, and marshmallow root permeate the roast, making it a unique and family-friendly dinner. Additionally, the calming properties of the tea make this meal even more beneficial. 
Calm & Relax Tea Pancakes: Add a healthy twist to your regular pancakes by incorporating some brewed Calm & Relax Tea into the batter. These pancakes not only taste great but also have soothing properties. 
Comforting Tea Soup: This warm soup features the aromatic Calm & Relax Tea as the broth base, combined with fresh veggies and herbs. It provides a comforting and nutrient-dense meal.
Family Size Herbal Tea Quiche: Infuse the Calm & Relax Tea in the quiche filling for a unique twist. Enjoy the soothing effects of the tea in this protein-rich, delicious family-sized quiche.
Relaxing Herbal Tea Rice: Upgrade your normal rice dishes by using the Calm & Relax Tea as a mesmerizing addition. The flavors bring a calming and robust kick to your meal.
Sweet Tea Cookies: To round out your family meals, make some sweet tea cookies using the Kintra Foods Calm & Relax tea. They're the perfect dessert for promoting relaxation after a long day. 

These recipes showcase how it's possible to embrace serenity through the food you eat - one hearty, delicious, and calming meal at a time. Try these meal ideas that integrate the calming properties of this premium tea to your daily meal plan.

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