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Byron Bay Coffee Company Organic Espresso GROUND 250g

Byron Bay Coffee Company Organic Espresso GROUND 250g

Medium Roast. Origins: Brazil, Ethiopia, Mexico and Honduras.

Well rounded with a rich silky body, a sweet acidity and buttery cacao flavours.

A cup of our coffee begins with sourcing the best quality Arabica coffee beans from the premium coffee growing regions of the world. Franco has over thirty years experience roasting coffee, he believes that the key to good roasting is running trials, adjusting temperature and air flows, and searching for roast profiles that will bring the optimum flavours and characteristics out of the beans.

We choose to blend coffee so that different single origins complement and enhance each other. This creates well balanced and full bodied flavours. We strive to create a unique tasting cup that is vibrant, rich and complex. We roast and deliver fresh every week, working with our cafes to ensure fully qualified baristas are sharing our passion for coffee.

Only selecting 100% Arabica green bean assures you will achieve the best quality cup of coffee. The caffeine content is consistent, the flavours are full bodied but not bitter.

By sourcing the highest quality green beans it ensures higher quality processing and significantly reduces the risk of contamination and mould. Not to mention a better quality cup of coffee.

We are passionate about our environmental and sustainable practices to produce our coffee. We strive everyday to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of the ways we have achieved this is being 100% solar, using tins instead of coffee bags, recyclable and compostable materials, recycling program within the business, partnering with like minded businesses (locally where possible) and sourcing Certificated Organic and Rain Forest Alliance green bean.

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