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Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds Low Gi Sliced Bread Loaf

Burgen Wholemeal & Seeds Low Gi Sliced Bread Loaf

Burgen® Wholemeal & Seeds 700g. Developed with nutritionists and bakers, each delicious Burgen® loaf is carefully formulated to help your body work better. High in Fibre: 23% of your daily intake per serveLow GI: Helps you stay fuller for longer10.2 g of protein per serve: To help to grow, maintain and repair muscles**Very High in Whole Grain: 65% of your whole grain daily target ^Contains Iron, Zinc & Magnesium Iron & Zinc to support normal immune function, and Magnesium to support nerve and muscle function. **No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans **As part of a healthy and varied diet^One 83 g serve of Bürgen® Wholemeal and Seeds contributes 65% of the 48 g Whole Grain Daily Target Intake

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