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Buckwheat Flour

Buckwheat Flour

Chantal Organics Buckwheat Flour is a fruit seed rather than a grain and can be made into a flour by grinding the hulled buckwheat seeds. It has a rustic, earthy flavour and a slightly heavier texture.
Therefore, it's often combined with other flours in baking.

Recipe Ideas with Buckwheat Flour for Families

Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes: Start off your day with these fluffy pancakes made from buckwheat flour. These pancakes are rich in protein and fiber, which means they help you stay full for longer periods. Add some flavorful freshness by topping with fresh berries and a drizzle of organic honey.
Buckwheat Scones: These slightly nutty scones, made with a blend of buckwheat flour and almond flour, provide benefits from improved heart health to better digestion. Pair them with your favorite confiture or cream for a lovely tea-time delight for the whole family.
Buckwheat Veggie Pizza: A perfect dinner dish that's also fun and easy to make. The buckwheat flour makes a crisp hearty crust, and pairing it with colorful vegetables makes it irresistible to kids and a great chance to add in extra veggies to their diet.
Buckwheat Crepes: Traditionally hailing from France, these delicately thin pancakes made from buckwheat flour are ultra-versatile, able to be filled with savory or sweet fillings. Packed with essential nutrients, it's a nutrient-dense alternative to standard crepes.
Grain-Free Buckwheat Muffins: These healthy muffins made from buckwheat flour are perfect for a mid-morning or afternoon bite. You can add a versatile amount of ingredients such as blueberries, banana, or chocolate chips to satisfy diverse palates.
Buckwheat Gnocchi: Buckwheat flour offers a lovely alternative for making gluten-free gnocchi. Tossed in a fresh tomato sauce or sage butter, these little grain-free dumplings make a satisfying and nutritious dinner.
Buckwheat Brownies: These brownies, made with buckwheat flour, cocoa, and dark chocolate, provide a healthy twist on a favorite dessert. Savor the rich, chocolaty goodness that's also packed with essential nutrients.
Buckwheat Biscuits: Crunchy, crumbly biscuits with a hearty taste can be achieved with buckwheat flour. Great for dipping into a bowl of soup or enjoyed as a snack with a slice of cheese.
Buckwheat Banana Bread: Turn a classic recipe into a nutrient-rich treat by substituting traditional flour with buckwheat flour. This banana bread is delicious for breakfast, packed with the nutrients of buckwheat and the goodness of ripe bananas.
Buckwheat Flatbread: An earthy, fiber-rich base for your gluten-free lunch wraps. Add in a rainbow of veggie fillings and a spread of hummus or guacamole for a healthy, filling lunch.
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