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Bubs Sour Skulls

Bubs Sour Skulls

Vegan, Fairtrade.
Regardless of what mood you are in – happy, sad, angry or indifferent –  these skulls will be sour. For you. Really sour. They won’t adapt or change themselves for you. But they will be there for you. No matter what. Every piece of candy in our bags are Fairtrade certified, and free from gelatine and other animal additives.

Bubs Sour Skulls: Tangy Twists for All Occasions

Sour Skull Smoothie Bowl:

Kickstart your day with a vibrant smoothie bowl featuring Bubs Sour Skulls. Blend these tangy treats with mixed berries, yogurt, and a splash of Bubs Organic Grass-Fed Toddler Formula for an energizing breakfast.
Sour Skull Trail Mix:
Combine Bubs Sour Skulls with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to craft a unique trail mix. This on-the-go snack is perfect for family outings or a quick burst of energy during the day.
Tropical Sour Punch Smoothie:
Blend Bubs Sour Skulls with pineapple, mango, and coconut water for a tropical smoothie that balances sweetness with a punch of sourness. A refreshing beverage for warm afternoons.
Sour Skull Infused Lemonade:
Elevate classic lemonade by dissolving Bubs Sour Skulls in the mix. The result? A lip-puckering lemonade with a delightful twist, perfect for picnics or family gatherings.
Sour Skull Parfait:
Layer Bubs Sour Skulls with granola and Greek yogurt to create a colorful parfait. This dessert or snack option adds a playful element to your usual yogurt routine.
Sour Skull Fro-Yo Popsicles:
Combine crushed Bubs Sour Skulls with plain yogurt and freeze the mixture into popsicle molds. A cool and tangy treat that's perfect for hot summer days.
Sour Skull Rice Krispie Treats:
Enhance the classic Rice Krispie treat recipe by folding in Bubs Sour Skulls. The result is a chewy, crispy, and tangy dessert that kids and adults will adore.
Sour Skull Mocktail Mixer:
Muddle Bubs Sour Skulls in a glass, add ice, and top with soda water for a refreshing sour mocktail. Ideal for family movie nights or special celebrations.

Bubs Sour Skulls go beyond being just a sweet indulgence—they're the secret ingredient that can transform your everyday meals and snacks into exciting, sour-infused delights. Explore the tangy side of culinary creativity with these versatile ideas!
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