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Bubs Organic Grass Fed Junior Nutrition 3 - 12 Years

Bubs Organic Grass Fed Junior Nutrition 3 - 12 Years

Bubs Organic Grass Fed Junior Nutrition 3-12 Years supports immunity function. Support normal teeth, bone & cognitive function. With prebiotics & probiotics.

Smile from the inside. We understand the importance of happy, healthy growth and development for children. Bubs Organic Junior Nutrition drink is derived from nature, made with certified organic milk from 365 day grass fed cows. Our junior nutrition drink is specially formulated for children 3 -12 years and enriched with essential nutrients to support their growing bodies.

New Zealand Dairy: Our certified organic milk comes from New Zealand farms.
365 Days A Year: Our free range cows graze outdoors, all year round.
Grass Fed: Our cow's diet is fresh green grass.

Suitable for fussy eaters with 16 essential vitamins and minerals to support your child's growth and development.
- Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin B1, C & D to support healthy growth and development in children.
- Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron to support normal immune system function.
- With prebiotics + probiotics.
- Natural vanilla flavour.
- Calcium & Vitamin D for normal teeth and bone structure.
- Zinc, Iodine and Iron for normal cognitive function
- Contains DNA Omega 3
- No added sucrose or maltodextrin.

This formula has been designed to be consumed as a part of a healthy diet which consists of a variety of foods.
- Prebiotics & Probiotics
- Supports immunity function
- Supports normal teeth, bone and cognitive function

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