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Bubs Cool Cola Skulls

Bubs Cool Cola Skulls

Vegan Fairtrade. Imagine the world’s most famous soft drink. We made it chewable and even more sourish. Pretty cool, right? We know, we made it. It’s awesome. Totally.
Every piece of candy in our bags are Fairtrade certified, and free from gelatine and other animal additives.

Cool Cola Creativity: Bubs Cool Cola Skulls for Vibrant Family Delights

Vegan Cola Gummies Snack Box:

Create a snack box with an assortment of nuts, seeds, and Cool Cola Skulls for a delightful munch. This combination satisfies sweet cravings while providing a boost of energy, making it an ideal snack for kids and adults.
Cola-Infused Chia Pudding:
Make a nutritious chia pudding by soaking chia seeds in coconut milk and adding a handful of chopped Cool Cola Skulls. The cola flavor infuses the pudding with a delightful sweetness, creating a fun and healthy dessert alternative.
Cool Cola Granola Bars:
Elevate your granola bars by mixing oats, nuts, and crushed Cool Cola Skulls. Press the mixture into bars and refrigerate. These energy-packed bars are perfect for a quick breakfast or on-the-go snack.
Vegan Cola Sorbet:
Blend frozen pineapple, a splash of coconut water, and Cool Cola Skulls for a refreshing sorbet. This guilt-free dessert is not only delicious but also a hit with kids who love the playful cola flavor.
Cola Candy Trail Mix:
Combine roasted nuts, seeds, and Cool Cola Skulls for a crunchy and flavorful trail mix. Pack this as a satisfying snack for family outings or enjoy it during movie nights at home.
Vegan Cola Skull Cupcakes:
Incorporate Cool Cola Skulls into your favorite vegan cupcake recipe for a unique cola-infused treat. Top with dairy-free frosting for a delightful dessert that's sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike.
Cola Skull Parfait:
Layer dairy-free yogurt, granola, and chopped Cool Cola Skulls in a glass for a playful and flavorful parfait. This simple yet creative dessert is perfect for family gatherings and special occasions.
Bubs Cool Cola Popcorn:
Movie nights just got tastier. Imagine freshly popped popcorn coated with a sweet and sour Cool Cola syrup. Just dissolve Bubs Cool Cola Skulls with a bit of sugar, coat the popcorn, and you're ready for a critical movie marathon!

These recipes all offer creative twists on everyday dishes, using Bubs Cool Cola Skulls. They're nutritious, family-friendly, and cater to individuals with food sensitivities — truly a fun addition to your recipe collection.
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