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Brunswick Wild Sardines In Louisiana Hot Sauce

Brunswick Wild Sardines In Louisiana Hot Sauce

Wild Sardines with the goodness of Omega-3, protein and calcium, packed in Louisiana hot sauce for a smooth, robust flavour.

Meal Ideas with Brunswick Wild Sardines In Louisiana Hot Sauce

Spicy Sardine and Avocado Toast: The perfect breakfast or brunch option, loaded with protein and Omega-3s. Smashed avocado and chunks of spicy wild sardines topped on a wholesome piece of whole-grain toast for a kickstart to your day.
Louisiana Sardine Pasta: Make your family dinners interesting with this quick and easy pasta dish. Tossed in a light garlic and olive oil sauce, the Brunswick Wild Sardines In Louisiana Hot Sauce add a zest of flavors along with a healthy dose of Omega-3 and calcium.
Sardine-Stuffed Bell Peppers: A healthy dinner option that the kids would love. Bell peppers stuffed with a mix of brown rice, veggies, and spicy sardines, then baked to perfection.
Sardine and Veggie Pizza: Who thought pizza could be healthy? Substitute your regular pizza topping with Brunswick Wild Sardines and an array of colorful vegetables. Sprinkle some low-fat cheese and bake for a guilt-free pizza night. 
Spicy Sardine Salad: A simple yet nutritious salad option. Toss together mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, olives, sliced cucumber, feta cheese, and chunks of Brunswick Wild Sardines In Louisiana Hot Sauce. Drizzle with a lemon-olive oil dressing for a light and healthy meal.
Sardine and Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes: These stuffed tomatoes offer a healthy fusion of protein and fiber. Bake tomatoes filled with a spicy sardine and quinoa mix, garnished with your choice of cheese. Serve warm for a comforting and nutritious dinner.
Sardine Lettuce Wraps: These light and spicy wraps are perfect for a quick lunch. Iceberg lettuce leaves filled with a mix of wild sardines, avocado, and diced veggies, drizzled with a light yogurt sauce.
Creamy Sardine and Spinach Dip: A delicious snack idea for family get-together. Blend cream cheese, spinach, Greek yogurt, and chunks of Wild Sardines in Louisiana Sauce. Serve with whole grain crackers or veggie sticks for a healthy and tasty appetizer. 
Wild Sardine and Sweet Potato Hash: This iron-rich breakfast hash combines sweet potatoes, onions, peppers, and chunks of spicy sardines for a wholesome start to your day.
Brunswick Sardine Soup: Savor a nutritious and flavorful soup on a cool evening. A warm bowl of veggie and sardine soup, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, offers a nourishing meal packed with protein and Omega-3s.

Pro Tip: Remember to not overcook the sardines to maintain their nutritional properties. The sauce can be easily drained for those less fond of spice but remember, it's the hot sauce that adds the exciting flavor!
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