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Bone Broth Body Glue Natural

Bone Broth Body Glue Natural

Gevity Bone Broth Body Glue Natural is the most versatile product to cook with, boosting but not changing existing flavours and the easiest way to sneak in extra nutrients to nourish the whole family.

Sip or cook your way to healthy meals with broth that turns an everyday dish into a culinary masterpiece!
Drink A La Natural or add your own favourite flavours (recommended) for an instant cup of broth
Unflavoured for versatility and completely spice free for the most sensitive stomachs

Recipe Ideas with Bone Broth Body Glue Natural

"Morning Start Bone Broth Smoothie": 
Begin your day with a revitalizing smoothie that has a boost of protein from Bone Broth Body Glue Natural. It is beautifully blended with banana, spinach, avocado, and almond milk for a creamy, nutritious breakfast option. The Bone Broth Body Glue is unflavored, allowing the other ingredients to shine while providing nourishing nutrients.
"Gevity Bone Broth Scrambled Eggs":
Revamp your morning eggs by adding a splash of Bone Broth Body Glue Natural. It boosts the nutritional value of the eggs without altering their taste, perfect for sensitive palates. 
"Hearty Bone Broth Soup":
Whisk Bone Broth Body Glue Natural into a vegetable or chicken soup to create a heartier, more nutrient-dense dish. This broth lends depth to the soup, enhancing the flavor while keeping it friendly for sensitive stomachs.
"Body Glue Gravy for Roast Meals":
Elevate your roast meats with a homemade gravy boosted by Bone Broth Body Glue Natural. It enriches the flavor of the gravy and increases the nutritional profile without overwhelming the natural taste of the meat. 
"Bone Broth Infused Quinoa":
Turn your regular quinoa dish into a savory culinary masterpiece by cooking the grains in Bone Broth Body Glue. It will add a significant punch of nutrients, making it an excellent option for a wholesome dinner. 
"Vegetable Stir Fry with Bone Broth Sauce":
A quick and delicious weeknight dinner option that has the added nutritional benefits of Bone Broth Body Glue Natural. Stir fry your favorite veggies and toss them in a light sauce made with the broth. 
"Bone Broth Marinated Grilled Chicken":
Grilled chicken is a family-friendly meal that can be made even healthier by marinating the chicken in a Bone Broth Body Glue Natural mixture. 
"Bone Broth Hummus":
Give your regular hummus an exciting twist by adding Bone Broth Body Glue Natural. This adds to the creaminess and enhances its nutritional value without altering the flavor significantly. 
"Bone Broth Healthy Pancakes": Mix some Bone Broth Body Glue into your pancake batter for an added health boost. It's a great way to sneak in some extra nutrition into a family favorite breakfast.
"Bone-Broth Mashed Potatoes": Prepare your comforting mashed potatoes with a healthy twist by incorporating Bone Broth Body Glue. It not only enhances the flavor but adds significant nutritional value.
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