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Bone Broth Body Glue Burn

Bone Broth Body Glue Burn

Gevity Bone Broth Body Glue Burn is a great source of amino acids, essential fats and minerals.use a unique proprietary process to create this world first product, a dense bone broth concentrate paste. Burn is bone broth concentrate with added matcha green tea, ginseng, MCT oil, olive leaf, cinnamon and warming spices.

They only use 100% grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef bones
Each jar will make 26 cups of broth
It is ideally suited to those who like to intermittent fast in the morning or like a warming drink

Recipe Ideas with Bone Broth Body Glue Burn

Bone Broth Morning Smoothie:
Start your day off with a nutrient-dense beverage; blend Gevity Bone Broth Body Glue Burn with your favorite fruits, a handful of spinach, and a scoop of protein powder. The warming spices complement the natural sweetness of the fruits, providing a healthy breakfast that's also satisfying.
Spiced Bone Broth Soup: 
Conjure robust flavor by diluting Gevity Bone Broth Burn with hot water, adding chopped vegetables, lean chicken pieces, and some noodles. The heartiness of bone broth pairs nicely with the earthiness of veggies, making it a comforting lunch option.
Bone Broth Risotto:
The rich flavours of Gevity Bone Broth Body Glue Burn make it the perfect base for a creamy risotto. Add mushrooms, peas, and a little parmesan—this indulgent dinner staple just got a healthy makeover.
Ginger-Bone Broth Steamed Fish: 
Steamed fish can be so much more than bland diet food. Steaming fish in a mix of Gevity Bone Broth and ginger gives it a tangy, savory flavor while keeping it low-fat.
Bone-Broth Infused Quinoa: 
Infuse your quinoa dishes with a depth of flavour and nutrition by cooking it in Gevity Bone Broth. Toss in some stir-fried vegetables for a wholesome dinner.
Cleansing Bone Broth Tea:
For a warming beverage before bedtime, simply stir a spoonful of Gevity Bone Broth concentrate into hot water. The touch of warming spices and cinnamon helps promote a restful sleep.
Savory Bone Broth Oatmeal: 
Change up your breakfast game by cooking your oats in the hearty Gevity Bone Broth, top with sauteed spinach and a poached egg for a savory twist on a breakfast classic.
Bone Broth Marinade: 
Marinade your meat in Gevity Bone Broth Body Glue for a moist and flavorful BBQ. The nutrient-rich broth adds a depth of flavor, making your barbecued delights even more enjoyable.
Gevity Bone Broth Gravy: 
Swap the traditional gravy with a healthier version made with Bone Broth Body Glue. It's perfect for drizzling over roasted meats and mashed potatoes.
Bone Broth Scrambled Eggs: 
For a protein-packed breakfast, prepare your scrambled eggs with a spoonful of Gevity Bone Broth. It provides a unique flavor twist and a nutritional punch. Your family would love this delicious spin on the classic scrambled eggs.
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