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Blue Frog Raspberry Vanilla And Chia Probiotic Granola

Blue Frog Raspberry Vanilla And Chia Probiotic Granola

Think raspberry lamingtons…Zesty Raspberry is the perfect complement to the incredibly luxurious, sweetness of pure Heilala vanilla bean. This granola is so good its almost sinful… The finest oats sourced from NZ’s Canterbury Plains, freeze dried raspberries, pure Heilala vanilla bean, almonds, shaved coconut, cashew nuts, quinoa, cranberries and loads of other great tasting goodness! 
No added refined sugars, less than 5.5gm of sugar per serve, no sulphites, no preservatives, just the good stuff!! 

Suitable for families seeking a delicious and nutritious granola option, individuals looking for a flavorful and versatile breakfast, and those interested in a health-conscious snack.

Family-friendly breakfast recipes and versatile granola ideas for this Blue Frog Raspberry Vanilla and Chia Probiotic Granola:

  1. Raspberry Vanilla Yogurt Parfait:
    Layer the Raspberry Vanilla and Chia Probiotic Granola with Greek yogurt and fresh berries for a delightful and wholesome parfait. A quick and satisfying breakfast or snack for the family.
  2. Vanilla Raspberry Smoothie Bowl:
    Blend the granola with a banana, almond milk, and a splash of vanilla extract for a tasty smoothie bowl. Top with additional raspberries and sliced almonds for added texture.
  3. Raspberry Vanilla Granola Energy Bites:
    Mix the granola with almond butter and honey, shape into energy bites, and refrigerate. Perfect for a quick, energy-boosting snack for the whole family.
  4. Vanilla Raspberry Granola Pancakes:
    Incorporate the granola into your pancake batter for a flavorful twist. Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey for a delightful breakfast.
  5. Raspberry Vanilla Almond Granola Bars:
    Combine the granola with almonds, dried cranberries, and honey to create granola bars. An excellent option for a grab-and-go snack.
  6. Vanilla Raspberry Granola Breakfast Cookies:
    Add the granola to your favorite breakfast cookie recipe. Ideal for a nutritious and tasty treat for the kids.
  7. Raspberry Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding:
    Mix the granola with chia seeds and milk for a delicious and filling chia seed pudding. Top with fresh raspberries for added freshness.
  8. Vanilla Raspberry Coconut Granola Bowl:
    Mix the granola with shredded coconut and your favorite milk for a simple yet satisfying breakfast bowl.
  9. Raspberry Vanilla Cashew Trail Mix:
    Create a trail mix by combining the granola with cashews and dried fruit. A flavorful and portable snack for family outings.
  10. Vanilla Raspberry Granola Muffins:
    Incorporate the granola into your muffin batter for tasty and nutritious breakfast muffins. Perfect for busy mornings.

These meal ideas showcase the versatility and health benefits of Blue Frog Raspberry Vanilla and Chia Probiotic Granola, offering a range of options for a delicious and nutritious family breakfast or snack.

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