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Blue Frog Apricot Almond, Vanilla and Hemp Cereal

Blue Frog Apricot Almond, Vanilla and Hemp Cereal

Blue Frog's Gluten Free Apricot Almond, Vanilla and Hemp Cereal is what breakfast dreams are made of! 
Zingy apricots grown on the legendary sun drenched Central Otago plains are the perfect flavour partner for creamy hemp hearts, crunchy toasted almonds and smooooooth vanilla. 
Contains Omega 3 & 6.

For Health-conscious individuals, gluten-free diet followers, breakfast enthusiasts, and those seeking omega-3 and omega-6 sources.

Gluten-free cereal recipes, hemp seed cereal ideas, and omega-3 and omega-6 rich breakfast options:

  1. Apricot Almond Parfait:
    Layer Blue Frog's Apricot Almond, Vanilla, and Hemp Cereal with Greek yogurt and fresh apricot slices for a delightful and nutritious parfait.
  2. Vanilla Almond Smoothie Bowl:
    Blend the cereal with almond milk, a frozen banana, and a dash of vanilla extract. Top with sliced almonds and a drizzle of honey for a tasty smoothie bowl.
  3. Hemp Cereal Energy Bites:
    Combine the cereal with nut butter, honey, and a touch of vanilla. Form into energy bites for a quick and satisfying snack.
  4. Apricot Almond Breakfast Bars:
    Mix the cereal with oats, almond butter, and dried apricots. Press into a pan and refrigerate for homemade breakfast bars.
  5. Vanilla Almond Cereal Pancakes:
    Incorporate the cereal into your pancake batter for a nutty and wholesome twist. Serve with a dollop of Greek yogurt and fresh fruit.
  6. Hemp Cereal Overnight Oats:
    Combine the cereal with oats and milk (or a dairy-free alternative) for easy overnight oats. Add a splash of vanilla for extra flavor.
  7. Apricot Almond Yogurt Bowl:
    Mix the cereal into a bowl of vanilla yogurt. Top with sliced almonds and apricot chunks for a satisfying breakfast or snack.
  8. Vanilla Almond Cereal Muffins:
    Add the cereal to your favorite muffin batter for a crunchy and nutritious kick. Ideal for a grab-and-go breakfast.
  9. Hemp Cereal Fruit Salad:
    Toss the cereal with a variety of fresh fruits for a vibrant and nutritious fruit salad. Drizzle with a honey-lime dressing for extra zest.
  10. Apricot Almond Smoothie:
    Blend the cereal with frozen apricots, almond milk, and a scoop of protein powder for a delicious and protein-packed smoothie.

These versatile and family-friendly meal ideas showcase the deliciousness and health benefits of Blue Frog's Gluten-Free Apricot Almond, Vanilla, and Hemp Cereal, appealing to a diverse audience looking for wholesome breakfast options.

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