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Ben's Original Tomato & Basil Rice Microwave Pouch

Ben's Original Tomato & Basil Rice Microwave Pouch

Our Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Microwave Rice is made with carefully selected long grain rice, tomatoes, basil and garlic (and a bit of Uncle Ben's know-how). This delicious rice can be used as the base to your daily meals or as an accompaniment to your favourite protein such as chicken or fish for a quick and tasty option.

Recipe Ideas with Ben's Original Tomato & Basil Rice

1. Sweet and Spicy Rice Stir-Fry
 Add a kick to your stir-fry by using Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice as the base. Toss in protein such as tofu, chicken, or shrimp, along with a variety of your favourite colourful vegetables. Add a splash of soy sauce and a spoonful of honey for a punchy meal.
2. Mediterranean Rice Bowl
 Give your meal a Mediterranean twist by topping Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice with grilled chicken, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and a drizzle of tzatziki sauce. This refreshing dish is perfect for sunny days.
3. Hearty Veggie Rice Soup
 Transform Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice into a comforting soup. Prepare your favourite vegetable or chicken broth, add a portion of the rice, and toss in a selection of chopped vegetables. A bowl of this hearty soup will keep your family warm and nourished.
4. Tomato & Basil Rice Pizza Base
 Create a unique pizza base! Simply mix Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice, your beaten eggs, and a little cheese, then bake it to create a robust, flavourful pizza crust. Top with your favourite pizza ingredients for a healthy pizza night.
5. Breakfast Rice & Eggs
 Shake up your breakfast routine by serving Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice alongside or under your scrambled eggs. Sprinkle your choice of cheese on top for an indulgent morning treat that's also packed with nutrition.
6. Tomato & Basil Rice Stuffed Peppers
 Get creative and stuff bell peppers with Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice, ground meat or sautéed mushrooms, onions, and a sprinkle of cheese. Bake until the peppers are tender for a visually appealing and wholesome meal.
7. Burrito Wrap
 Upgrade your burritos by using Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice as a filling. Along with black beans, corn, sautéed vegetables, or shredded chicken, this could be a new family favourite!
8. Tomato & Basil Rice Salad
 Revamp your traditional garden salad by adding a touch of Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice. Toss it into fresh, crunchy greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and olives. For protein, feta cheese, cooked chicken or tofu chunks can be added.
9. Rice Stuffed Eggplant
 For a tasty, vegetable-centric dish, carve out small eggplants and stuff them with Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice mixed with cooked minced meat or lentils. Bake until tender for a satisfying, healthy dinner.
10. Savoury Rice Pancakes
 Blitz Uncle Ben's Tomato & Basil Rice with your choice of protein, like chickpeas or cottage cheese, to create a unique pancake batter. Fry the pancakes until golden brown, and serve with a dipping sauce for a fun and healthy snack.
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