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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Half Baked

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Half Baked

Chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Fudge Brownies

Whenever we visit our scoop shops we notice our friends combining their favorite flavors to create cool new combos. And we thought what a great idea! So we took our favorite Ben & Jerry's and swirled them together to invent some twisted flavors. Now you get more of everything! Enjoy! The insider story on this flavor was the code name "Drakes Mistakes", Drake Wallis is the St. Albans plant manager. He came to work and reported that he was at a scoop shop over the weekend and witnessed people ordering two different flavors in the same dish

Gourmet ice cream and family dessert ideas for Ice cream enthusiasts, families seeking indulgent treats, and those with a love for creative flavor combinations:

  1. Half Baked Banana Split:
    Transform the classic banana split by adding scoops of Half Baked ice cream. Top with sliced bananas, a drizzle of chocolate sauce, chopped nuts, and a dollop of whipped cream. A playful and decadent twist on a timeless dessert.
  2. Fudge Brownie Cookie Sandwiches:
    Create delightful ice cream sandwiches by placing a scoop of Half Baked ice cream between two soft chocolate chip cookies. Roll the edges in mini chocolate chips or crushed nuts for an extra layer of flavor.
  3. Cookie Dough Brownie Parfait:
    Layer chunks of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Fudge Brownies from Half Baked with Greek yogurt or vanilla pudding. Repeat the layers and top with a sprinkle of granola for added crunch. A satisfying parfait for breakfast or dessert.
  4. Half Baked Affogato:
    Elevate your coffee experience by pouring a shot of hot espresso over a scoop of Half Baked ice cream. The warm coffee melts the ice cream, creating a delightful fusion of flavors. Garnish with chocolate shavings for a finishing touch.
  5. Brownie Dough Milkshake:
    Blend Half Baked ice cream with milk, a handful of brownie chunks, and a scoop of cookie dough. Top it with whipped cream and additional brownie crumbles for an irresistible milkshake experience.
  6. Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Tacos:
    Scoop Half Baked ice cream into taco shells made from fudge brownie batter. Drizzle with caramel sauce and sprinkle with chocolate shavings. A fun and delicious dessert taco for the whole family.
  7. Cookie Dough Bliss Balls:
    Roll bite-sized portions of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Half Baked into bliss balls. Coat them in crushed nuts or shredded coconut and refrigerate until firm. These poppable treats are perfect for snacking.
  8. Double Chocolate Brownie Waffles:
    Upgrade your breakfast or brunch with chocolate brownie waffles topped with scoops of Half Baked ice cream. Drizzle with warm chocolate sauce and add fresh berries for a decadent start to the day.

Feel free to customize these ideas based on personal preferences, and enjoy the delightful world of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream in creative and satisfying ways.

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