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Beauty PotionVegan Collagen Boost

Beauty PotionVegan Collagen Boost

Beauty Potion Natural Vegan Collagen Boost - Berry Nice. Botanika Blends Beauty Potion powder is a vegan friendly, all-natural and delicious plant-based formulation created to help boost collagen production, helping to promote health and well-being. Crafted using carefully selected ingredients, this easily absorbed beauty potion is loaded with amino acids, natural vitamin c, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and minerals - beauty from within in the truest sense! 
So Why is Collagen Important? Collagen is critical for the optimum production of your bodies tissue, including hair, skin, nails and muscles, as well as other important bodily functions. Until your early twenties, your body produces collagen naturally, after which it begins to slowly taper down and wane, up to 2% per year. So the creaking, popping joints, chipped nails, thinning hair and aging skin aren’t simply due to ageing but can also actually be symptoms of diminished collagen levels. All natural with a delicious berry taste, this incredible collagen supplement contains nothing artificial and is completely free from any animal-sourced ingredients.
Directions: Mix 10g in 250ml water and stir, or add to smoothies or your favourite juice.
Size: 300g Bag (30 Servings) 

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