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Bay's Kitchen Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise

Bay's Kitchen Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise

Bay’s Kitchen condiments are all Low FODMAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Vegan! This delicious Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise is made with hints of parsley, thyme, sage and tarragon. It’s perfect when added to a gourmet burger, sandwich, salad, for dipping chips… or just eating out of the jar!

Recipes for this Low FODMAP vegan mayonnaise, gluten-free condiment, and gourmet burger sauce:

1. Herb-Infused Avocado Toast
Spread Bay's Kitchen Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise on gluten-free toast, top with sliced avocado, and sprinkle with cherry tomatoes and a dash of black pepper. A delightful and nutritious breakfast or snack.

2. Vegan Herbed Potato Salad
Mix Bay's Kitchen Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise with boiled potatoes, diced red onion, and fresh herbs for a flavorful and creamy vegan potato salad. Perfect for picnics or as a side dish.

3. Gourmet Vegan Burger
Elevate your plant-based burger by slathering Bay's Kitchen Vegan Mayonnaise on the bun. Add a veggie patty, lettuce, tomato, and your favorite toppings for a gourmet experience.

4. Herb-Infused Chickpea Wraps
Create a quick and tasty lunch by filling gluten-free wraps with chickpeas, cucumber, and a generous spread of Bay's Kitchen Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise. A satisfying and healthy option.

5. Vegan Caesar Salad
Prepare a vegan Caesar salad by tossing crisp romaine lettuce with a dressing made from Bay's Kitchen Vegan Mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, and garlic. Top with croutons for added crunch.

6. Dipping Delight
Use Bay's Kitchen Vegan Mayonnaise as a dip for sweet potato fries, vegetable sticks, or gluten-free crackers. A versatile and flavorful accompaniment for snacks.

7. Herb-Infused Pasta Salad
Toss cooked gluten-free pasta with Bay's Kitchen Vegan Mayonnaise, cherry tomatoes, olives, and fresh herbs for a refreshing and herbaceous pasta salad.

8. Savory Stuffed Mushrooms
Make a filling for stuffed mushrooms by combining Bay's Kitchen Vegan Mayonnaise with breadcrumbs, herbs, and a touch of garlic. Bake until golden brown for a savory appetizer.

These creative and delicious recipe ideas showcase the adaptability of Bay's Kitchen Garden Herb Vegan Mayonnaise, providing a burst of flavor to a variety of dishes suitable for different occasions and preferences.

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