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Arnotts Vita Weat Crispbread Cracked Pepper

Arnotts Vita Weat Crispbread Cracked Pepper

Cracked pepper crisp bread. Made with 100% Wholegrains. 100% Natural. 4 Crispbreads = 40% of Your Daily Wholegrains.

Healthy snack ideas, versatile crispbread recipes, and natural snacks for Health-conscious individuals seeking a flavourful and natural snack or meal addition.

1. Cracked Pepper Avocado Toast
Spread ripe avocado on Vita Weat Crispbread and sprinkle with cracked pepper. A delicious and satisfying twist on the classic avocado toast.

2. Smoked Salmon Crispbread Bites
Top Vita Weat Crispbread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and a hint of cracked pepper for an elegant and protein-packed appetizer.

3. Greek-Inspired Yogurt Dip
Mix Greek yogurt with chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and a pinch of cracked pepper. Serve as a refreshing dip with Vita Weat Crispbread.

4. Cracked Pepper Tuna Salad
Prepare a zesty tuna salad with mayo, lemon juice, and cracked pepper. Spoon onto Vita Weat Crispbread for a light and flavorful lunch.

5. Mushroom and Feta Crispbread Stack
Sauté mushrooms, layer them on Vita Weat Crispbread with crumbled feta, and finish with a sprinkle of cracked pepper. A savory and satisfying stack.

6. Herbed Cream Cheese Spread
Mix cream cheese with fresh herbs and a dash of cracked pepper. Spread on Vita Weat Crispbread for a quick and herby snack.

7. Cracked Pepper Bruschetta Bites
Combine diced tomatoes, basil, and cracked pepper. Spoon onto Vita Weat Crispbread for a bite-sized bruschetta delight.

8. Spicy Hummus Crunch
Pair Vita Weat Crispbread with a spicy hummus dip. Sprinkle extra cracked pepper for a spicy kick with every bite.

These recipe ideas showcase the versatility of Arnott’s Vita Weat Crispbread Cracked Pepper, offering a range of flavorful and natural options for health-conscious individuals and families.

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