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Alula Gold Soy Infant Formula 0-12 Months

Alula Gold Soy Infant Formula 0-12 Months

Alula Gold Soy Premium Infant Formula 0-12 Months offers the same trusted formulation and specialized nutrition for babies who require a dairy-free or vegetarian diet. It provides nutrition, science, and care for early life, with over 50 years of history in Australia. At Sanulac Nutritionals Australia, we prioritize balanced nutrition for growth and development, incorporating the latest nutritional science for your baby. Our specialty formulas cater to formula-fed babies with special dietary needs or conditions diagnosed by healthcare professionals, where general formula may not be suitable. Alula Gold Soy Infant Formula is a premium, nutritionally complete specialty infant formula suitable for babies from birth who need to avoid dairy products, and for babies from 6 months with cow's milk allergy. It supports your baby as they transition to solid foods around 6 months, emphasizing the importance of a well-balanced diet.
Suitable For: 0-12 Months
Size: 900g
Serving Size: Average per 100mL as prepared (12.9g + 90mL water)
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