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Alpro Vanilla Custard

Alpro Vanilla Custard

Puddings and pies, tarts, trifles and crumbles. There are times when it just has to be custard, smooth, creamy, and fragrant with the flavour of vanilla. Deliciously dairy free, Alpro Vanilla custard is just perfect on its own, too, hot or cold. Creamy it may be, but amazingly it’s completely free of animal fat, and provides a healthy helping of plant powered soya protein, calcium and vitamins. Seconds, anyone?
Produced in a nut free facility.

Plant-Based Desserts and Alpro Custard Recipes for Families, Dessert Enthusiasts, Plant-Based and Dairy-Free Lifestyle Advocates:

  1. Classic Vanilla Custard Delight:
    Enjoy the timeless goodness of Alpro Vanilla Custard on its own, either hot or cold. Its smooth, creamy texture and fragrant vanilla flavor make it a delightful treat for all ages.
  2. Berrylicious Custard Parfait:
    Layer Alpro Vanilla Custard with fresh berries to create a vibrant and refreshing custard parfait. This dessert is not only visually appealing but also a healthy and fruity delight.
  3. Vegan Custard-Filled Crepes:
    Elevate your breakfast or brunch with vegan custard-filled crepes. Alpro Vanilla Custard adds a luscious and sweet filling to these light and delicate crepes.
  4. Apple and Cinnamon Custard Tart:
    Indulge in the cozy flavors of autumn with an apple and cinnamon custard tart. Alpro Vanilla Custard serves as the perfect base, complementing the spiced apples in this delectable dessert.
  5. Chocolate Custard-Dipped Strawberries:
    Dip fresh strawberries into a velvety blend of Alpro Vanilla Custard and melted dairy-free chocolate. This easy-to-make treat is a crowd-pleaser at family gatherings or parties.
  6. Vanilla Custard Banana Bread Pudding:
    Transform ordinary banana bread into a luxurious dessert by using Alpro Vanilla Custard as the base for a delectable bread pudding. The vanilla notes enhance the banana flavor for a heavenly bite.
  7. Peach Melba Custard Sundae:
    Create a delightful peach melba custard sundae by layering Alpro Vanilla Custard with sliced peaches, raspberry sauce, and crushed almonds. A refreshing and satisfying dessert for warm days.
  8. Lemon Berry Custard Trifle:
    Build a stunning lemon berry custard trifle using layers of Alpro Vanilla Custard, lemon-infused cake, and fresh berries. This dessert is not only visually appealing but also bursting with citrusy and fruity flavors.
  9. Coconut Custard Rice Pudding:
    Give traditional rice pudding a tropical twist by using Alpro Vanilla Custard infused with coconut flavors. This creamy and comforting dessert is perfect for cozy family evenings.
  10. Cherry Almond Custard Crumble:
    Prepare a mouthwatering cherry almond custard crumble using Alpro Vanilla Custard as the base. The combination of tart cherries, sweet almond crumble, and creamy custard is simply irresistible.

These versatile and family-friendly dessert ideas showcase the richness and adaptability of Alpro Vanilla Custard, offering a delicious plant-based alternative for a variety of sweet treats.
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