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Adventure Kitchen Hickory Liquid Smoke

Adventure Kitchen Hickory Liquid Smoke

Vegan, Gluten-free. A beautiful smoky barbeque flavour, transforming everyday meals without any hassle, is now available in New Zealand. Adventure Kitchen Liquid Smoke is an all natural, healthy flavouring which contains no calories or fats. This condensed liquid smoke is the king of all food flavourings.
A very popular staple item of the American barbeque culture is now being widely used by restaurants, food manufacturers and gourmet cooks in New Zealand

Recipe Ideas with Hickory Liquid Smoke

1. Hickory Liquid Smoke Infused Beans: Soak dried beans overnight. Bring to a boil in vegetable stock, add chopped onions, minced garlic, cayenne pepper, sea salt, and a splash of Hickory Liquid Smoke for a hearty, smoky side dish.
 2. Smoky Veggie Burgers: Add the Hickory Liquid Smoke to your homemade veggie burger mix made with beans, rolled oats, shredded beetroot, and spices. The additional smoky flavor will level up your burger experience.
3. Smoky Grilled Vegetable Salad: Brush vegetables with a combination of olive oil, lemon, and Hickory Liquid Smoke before grilling. Serve on a bed of mixed greens for a robust smoky salad perfect for summer bbqs. 
4. Smoky Lentil Soup: A comforting, hearty lentil soup with Hickory Liquid Smoke will be a warmth-filled meal for cold days. Add chunky carrots, celery, onions, and season with cumin and turmeric. 
5. Vegan Hickory Smoked Baked Beans: Simmer canned navy beans in a sauce created with vegan Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, maple syrup, and Hickory Liquid Smoke for a southern-style comfort food option. 
6. Breakfast Smoky Scramble: Use tofu or other plant-based protein, scramble with spices, vegetables of choice, and add a hint of Hickory Liquid Smoke for a savoury breakfast.
7. Smoky BBQ Tofu Skewers: Marinate tofu cubes in a mix of BBQ sauce and the Hickory Liquid Smoke. Thread onto skewers with your favourite veggies and grill for an appetising outdoor meal.
8. Squash with Smoky Amaranth Stuffing: Roast squash halves until tender, then stuff with a smoky mixture of cooked amaranth, mushroom, garlic, and a touch of Hickory Liquid Smoke.
9. BBQ Pulled Jackfruit: Use canned jackfruit and slow cook in your homemade BBQ sauce enhanced with Hickory Liquid Smoke. Shred jackfruit, mix back into the sauce, and serve on whole grain rolls for a vegan twist on the classic. 
10. Hickory Roasted Almonds: Toss almonds in a mix of liquid smoke, sea salt, and maple syrup before roasting for a healthy, flavorful snack.
With these meal ideas, you can effortlessly incorporate hickory flavor to a variety of dishes, transforming them into gourmet meals your family will love. The bonus is the satisfaction of knowing they are all natural, healthy, and allergen-friendly.
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