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Organic MCT+ Power Powder - Nordic Berry

Organic MCT+ Power Powder - Nordic Berry

Certified Organic MCT+ Power Powder - Nordic Berry Blast Niulife MCT+ Power Powder is a vegan, keto friendly and 100% certified organic powder formulated using organic coconut derived medium chain triglycerides (MCT) fortified with prebiotic Acacia fibre. The perfect super boost for your smoothies and shakes, Power Powder delivers fast, lean energy within minutes, giving you the boost you need to supercharge your workouts!
An organic Scandinavian berry pomace powder (blueberry, blackcurrant and lingonberries) has been added for a delicious berry blast! 100% Certified Organic Delivers rapid, clean energy Easily digestible and supports gut health Boosts your metabolism & cognitive peformance Vegan, keto friendly & gluten-free Free from nuts, grains and sugar Optimised for ketones! Pure coconut-derived medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are easily absorbed and digested, giving you the raw energy you need to power through your day!
Size: 350g Tub

Recipe Ideas with Organic MCT+ Power Powder

1. Nordic Berry Power Oatmeal: Start your day with a hardy bowl of organic oatmeal mixed with Nordic Berry Power Powder. This breakfast provides a rich source of fiber and gut-friendly prebiotics, ensuring a filling and healthy start to the day. 
2. Triple Berry Power Smoothie: Blend a generous scoop of Nordic Berry Power Powder with a medley of fresh berries, almond milk, and a hint of organic maple syrup. This smoothie offers fast-absorbing, lean energy alongside a boost of antioxidants perfect for a post-workout rejuvenation.
3. Power Pancakes with Berry Compote: Make your pancake batter more nutritious by mixing in a serving of Power Powder. Top with a mashed berry compote for an enhanced berry flavor and a morning energy boost.
4. Nordic Berry Protein Bars: Homemade protein bars made with nuts, seeds, dates, and a scoop of Nordic Berry Power Powder. These bars are packed with protein and MCTs, making it an ideal, on-the-go energy snack.
5. Quinoa Salad with Power Dressing: Mix Nordic Berry Power Powder into your favorite vinaigrette to add a berry burst and an energy kick to your classic quinoa and veggie salad.
6. Nordic Berry Power Popsicles: Blend coconut milk, a splash of vanilla, and 2 scoops of Nordic Berry Power Powder to create a satisfying, energizing treat during summer heatwaves. The Power Popsicles are vegan, sugar-free, and kid-friendly.
7. Energy-Boosting Berry Muffins: Substitute traditional flour with almond flour and add a few tablespoons of Nordic Berry Power Powder to ensure a grain-free, high-protein, and fiber-rich treat. 
8. Power Chia Pudding: Win over picky eaters with a colourful, nutrient-dense breakfast. Soak chia seeds overnight in coconut milk and Nordic Berry Power Powder for a delicious and visually appealing start to the day.
9. Berrylicious Energy Bites: Roll together dates, oats, and Nordic Berry Power Powder to create energizing snacks. Perfect for a quick energy boost during long workdays or adventurous family hikes.
10. Nordic Power Granola: Make a batch of homemade granola with oats, nuts, seeds, and a couple of scoops of Nordic Berry Power Powder. Great as a cereal substitute or a yoghurt topping - this granola offers slow-releasing energy to keep you fueled all morning. 
11. Baked Berry Power Porridge: Make your usual oven-baked porridge but add Nordic Berry Power Powder for an extra energy kick. Ideal for a family breakfast, this porridge will keep everyone satisfied and energized for hours.
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