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VGood Peanot Butter Smooth

VGood Peanot Butter Smooth

Made from roasted chickpeas, VGood PeaNOT Butter Smooth spread, is a lunchbox safe alternative to peanut butter, with a focus on great taste and a great eating experience. The unique PeaNOT Butter recipe delivers a real ‘peanut butter’ taste and texture, completely free from peanuts and tree-nuts.
With over 50% chickpeas it also offers active kids with a source of protein, fibre, and iron, with no artificial preservatives or colours and a 5-star health rating.

Recipe Ideas with VGood Peanot Butter Smooth

1. "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth" Breakfast Smoothie: Start your day right with a nutritious "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth" smoothie. Blend bananas, oat milk, and a spoonful of the PeaNOT Butter, and voila - you’ve got a delicious, allergen-free breakfast loaded with fibre, protein, and iron.
2. Vegan Protein Pancakes: Whip up a stack of fluffy pancakes for breakfast using gluten-free flour, flaxseeds, almond milk, and "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth". Top it off with berries and a drizzle of maple syrup for a sure-fire family favorite.
3. Chilled Summer Soup: Refresh your palate with a chickpea gazpacho enhanced with "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth". Its unique flavour pairs well with tomato and cucumber, offering a protein-packed, light, and nourishing summer meal.
4. PeaNOT Butter Vegan Curry: Perk up your weeknight dinners with a vegan curry made from chickpeas, coconut milk, and "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth". This creamy, peanut-free curry makes a healthful and tasty meal that is easy to whip up.
5. PeaNOT Butter Energy Balls: Satisfy your mid-day snack cravings with energy balls made from oats, dried fruits, chia seeds, and "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth." These no-bake snacks are a hit with kids, providing essential energy for their active days.
6. "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth" Pasta Sauce: Our PeaNOT Butter lends a rich, nutty flavor to a pasta sauce without including any actual peanuts. Toss it with whole-grain pasta for a meal that's high in protein and fibre.
7. Chickpea & PeaNOT Butter Cookies: Want a healthy dessert packed with protein and fibre? Try egg-free cookies made from flour, chickpeas, and "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth". These cookies have a great taste and texture that children love.
8. BBQ PeaNOT Butter Tofu Skewers: Impress your family with these BBQ tofu skewers, marinated in a spicy and tangy "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth" sauce. They are easy to prepare and pair perfectly with veggies or salads.
9. "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth" Ice-cream: For a dairy and nut-free dessert, create homemade ice cream using coconut milk, natural sweeteners, and "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth." It's a treat that's refreshingly tasty and friendly to food sensitivities. 
10. Chickpea & PeaNOT Hummus: For a twist on traditional Mediterranean cuisine, try making hummus with "VGood Peanot Butter Smooth" instead of tahini. It's peanut-free, creamy, and incredibly flavourful, perfect for any family gathering.
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