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VGood Chickpea Twists Sea Salt

VGood Chickpea Twists Sea Salt

VGoods Chickpea Sea Salt Twists are a healthy alternative to regular potato chips. Made from chickpeas they boast three times more fibre and 70% less fat than regular potato chips with a taste the whole family will love. VGoods commitment to healthy, whole foods means these crisps are baked not fried, with no artificial colours, preservatives or flavours added.

Recipe Ideas with VGood Chickpea Twists Sea Salt

1. Chickpea Twist Veggie Nachos:
 Top your VGood Chickpea Twists with a colourful medley of vegetables like bell peppers, olives, tomatoes, corn, and finish off with a generous sprinkling of shredded cheese. Bake to melt the cheese and serve with avocado dip. Kids will love this vibrant, nutrient-rich twist on their favourite nachos.
2. Chickpea Twist Trail Mix:
 Combine VGood Chickpea Twists with mixed nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to create a satisfying trail mix. This quick and easy snack is packed with protein and fiber, making it an ideal energy booster for busy days.
3. Toastie with Chickpea Twists:
 Upgrade the traditional sandwich by adding a crunch. Fill your toastie with lean proteins, vegetables, and a handful of the Sea Salt Twists. This recipe adds an unexpected, wholesome crunch to satiate your midday hunger pangs.
4. Chicken and Chickpea Twist Salad:
 Toss grilled chicken, leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, and chickpea twists with a light vinaigrette for a hearty, protein-packed lunch. The chickpea twists lend a delightful crunch and elevate the nutrition value of your regular salads.
5. Chickpea Twists-Coated Fish:
 Crush VGood Chickpea Twists to use as a crispy, high fiber coating for fish filets. Bake until golden, and delight your family with this healthy, innovative take on the standard breaded fish.
6. Chickpea Twist-Crusted Quiche:
 Incorporate the Chickpea Twists into the quiche crust for an added health boost. Fill with your favourite veggies, lean meat, and eggs, then bake for a light yet satisfying dinner.
7. Chickpea Twist Hummus Bowl: 
 This snack idea is perfect for movie night. Place a bowl of homemade hummus in the center of a platter and surround it with VGood Chickpea Twists. Dip and enjoy!
8. Chickpea Twist Cheesy Garlic Bread:
 Mix crushed chickpea twists with reduced-fat cheese and garlic, spread on a wholegrain baguette and grill. Enjoy this healthier version of cheesy garlic bread.
9. Chickpea Twist Breakfast Scramble:
 Add some crunch to your morning scramble. Stir fry veggies, pour beaten eggs, and sprinkle in some chickpea twists. A breakfast that keeps you full until lunch.
10. Chickpea Twist Avocado Toast:
 Mash an avocado, season to taste, spread on wholemeal toast and top with the chickpea twists. A heart-healthy snack or breakfast in no time.VGood Chickpea Twists Sea Salt
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