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Streets Calippo Iceblocks Mini Raspberry Pineapple

Streets Calippo Iceblocks Mini Raspberry Pineapple

Say goodbye serious and hello joy! calippo mini?s are a delicious raspberry pineapple flavoured ice block! great for a refreshing treat at home, enjoy the two mouthwatering fruit flavours combined into a mini block. Perfect for the family to share in a convenient multipack of 10. Enjoy the great juicy taste of calippo, the taste you love and so refreshing.
Calippo is perfect for our summer heat, an evening snack or an anytime treat.
Frozen and refreshing fruit flavoured mini snack treat.
Raspberry pineapple flavour ice block.
A water ice for those summer days!.
Calippo is made with real fruit juice.
Delicious ice blocks in a multipack.
Ice blocks that are 99% fat free!.

Recipe ideas:

1. Calippo Breakfast Smoothie: Start the day with an invigorating Calippo Breakfast Smoothie. Blend a Calippo Raspberry Pineapple ice block with a medley of your favourite fruits; perhaps a banana, some strawberries and a handful of blueberries. Pour in some almond or coconut milk for a creamier texture. Not only is this quick and easy to prepare, but it provides a refreshing, nutritional and 99% fat-free breakfast for the whole family. 
2. Calippo Summer Salad: For a refreshing lunch, use a thawed Calippo Raspberry Pineapple ice block as a dressing for a summer salad! Toss some mixed greens with fresh pineapple, raspberries and your choice of protein grilled chicken or tofu works great. Drizzle the Calippo dressing on top for a tangy and sweet twist to your typical salad meal.
3. Calippo Frozen Yoghurt Pops: As an exciting afternoon snack, whip up some Calippo Frozen Yoghurt Pops. Blend Greek yoghurt with some thawed Calippo Raspberry Pineapple ice blocks, pour them into moulds and let it freeze. These are a great treat full of protein and real fruit juice, offering a cooler and healthier alternative to store-bought frozen pops.
4. Calippo Tropical Salsa: For dinner, prepare a unique Calippo Tropical Salsa as a condiment for fish or chicken. Combine diced tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion with the thawed Calippo Raspberry Pineapple ice block. Add some fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime. The zesty flavour of this salsa contrasts beautifully with the sweet ice block, bringing a tropical vibe to your meal.
5. Calippo Dessert Sorbet: Finally, for dessert, we cannot forget about the classic Calippo Dessert Sorbet. Blend a few Calippo Raspberry Pineapple ice blocks until smooth and creamy for an instantly refreshing sorbet. For an elevated touch, garnish with more fresh raspberries and mint leaves. This dessert is light, fruity and 99% fat-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence for you and your family. 

These culinary experiments are not only delicious but also ensure your family gets the right nutritional value from each meal. Happy cooking, the Calippo way!
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