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Premium Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumbs

Premium Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumbs

Orgran Gluten Free Crispi Premium Panko Style Breadcrumb is a high performing gluten free crumb with all the appearance, texture and crunch of a regular breadcrumb. It is excellent as a coating for a mixture of meats and vegetables.
Orgran is an Australian Company.

Recipe Ideas with Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumbs

1. Gluten-free Chicken Nuggets: A favourite for kids and adults alike, these crispy, golden nuggets offer a healthier, gluten-free alternative to the fast-food version. The Premium Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumbs give an irresistible crunch that pairs perfectly with succulent chicken.
2. Baked Eggplant Parmesan: Thin slices of eggplant are coated in the Panko breadcrumbs and baked until golden brown. Topped with marinara sauce and melted parmesan, this meal delivers on both nutrition and taste without the deep frying.
3. Crispi Fish Tacos: The light and crunchy Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumb coating on the white fish strips provide an appealing texture against the soft tortilla. The taco is completed with a colourful array of fresh and zingy salsa. It's a seafood delight packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids.
4. Low-fat Mozzarella Sticks: Stringy, melted mozzarella enclosed in a golden brown, Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumb crust is a snack everyone loves. A great source of calcium and protein, these gluten-free treats can be enjoyed guilt-free.
5. Sweet Potato Nuggets: Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fibre and vitamins. When they are mixed with the crunchy texture of the Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumb, the result is a delicious and nutritious family-friendly treat.
6. Gluten-free Cauliflower Cheese Bites: Cauliflower combined with cheese and coated in Panko breadcrumbs delivers a surprisingly creamy inside with a crispy outside. It's a fun and tasty way to introduce more vegetables into your diet.
7. Crispi Breadcrumb Tofu Stir Fry: Pieces of tofu get a delightful crunch from the Panko Breadcrumbs before being tossed through a colourful selection of stir-fry vegetables. This meal offers high protein and plenty of important vitamins and nutrients.
8. Baked Zucchini Fries: This is a healthier alternative to traditional French fries, swapping the white potatoes for zucchini. Coating the zucchini sticks in Premium Panko Style Crispi Breadcrumbs and then baking them delivers a satisfying crunchy texture without the fat of fried foods.
9. Breadcrumb-Crusted Shrimp Skewers: Large shrimp are coated in the Panko Breadcrumbs and then threaded onto skewers for a quick and easy meal packed with protein.
10. Gluten-free Breadcrumb Apple Crumble: For the dessert lovers, using the Panko Breadcrumbs in an apple crumble topping delivers a nice crunchy contrast to the soft, sweet apple filling below, adding a unique touch to a traditional favourite.
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