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Original Chunky Nut Muesli

Original Chunky Nut Muesli

Original Chunky Nut Muesli is loaded with a 60% nuts, seeds and fruit. Blended by hand, then lightly toasted with a little New Zealand honey and olive oil until golden; we then add organic apricots and crunchy organic coconut to give an amazing natural flavour.

Good to know…

60% nuts, seeds and fruit
No wheat or dairy
High in fibre
No refined sugars
Source of protein, ALA omega-3, phosphorous, iron and zinc
High in selenium
No added salt
No artificial colour or flavours
Winner 2013 NZ Food Awards – cereals and breads category

Recipe Ideas with Chunky Nut Muesli

1. Chunky Nut Muesli Pancakes: Perfect for a hearty breakfast, these delightful pancakes include chunks of the nut muesli for a healthy, textural twist. Ensure you use a dairy-free milk if needed. Topped with some fresh fruits, they provide an energizing kick-start to the day. 
2. Muesli Energy Balls: These bite-sized snacks are perfect for a mid-morning pick-me-up. Just combine the nut muesli with some natural sweeteners like dates or honey, then roll into balls and refrigerate. Feel free to add in a scoop of nut butter for added protein.
3. Chunky Nut Muesli Yogurt Parfait: Give your usual yogurt a loaded boost of flavors and nutrients by adding Original Chunky Nut Muesli. Layer the yogurt and muesli in a glass for a fun and interesting presentation, and top with fresh fruit. Remember to use a dairy-free yogurt if you are lactose intolerant.
4. Nut Muesli Apple Crumble: This hearty dessert integrates the Original Chunky Nut Muesli into the crumble topping, adding a delightful crunch and added nutrition to this classic dish. Be mindful to replace butter with a non-dairy alternative if needed.
5. Muesli Breakfast Bars: Packed full of nuts, seeds, and fruits, these bars provide a good dose of fiber and vitamins. Just ensure you are using a binder that caters to food sensitivities, such as honey.
6. Muesli Banana Bread: This moist and delicious bread takes a healthier turn by replacing traditional flour with the chunky nut muesli. This gives the bread extra texture and ups the protein factor, making it perfect for breakfast or snack.
7. Muesli and Almond Butter Toast: Upgrade your usual toast by spreading it with almond butter and topping it generously with the chunky muesli. It's a quick and tasty way to start your day with lots of fiber and protein.
8. Nut Muesli Salad Toppers: For a quick and easy way to boost your salad's nutritional content, just sprinkle some Chunky Nut Muesli. It will add a delightful crunch and make the salad more filling.
9. Muesli-Stuffed Baked Apples: This delicious dessert fills hollowed-out apples with a mix of chunky nut muesli and a touch of honey, then bake until the apples are tender. A totally guilt-free dessert option for the family.
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