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Garden Veggies Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread

Garden Veggies Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread

Orgran believe that the best food comes from plants, and the best plants are found in the Veggie Garden! Garden Veggies Crispibread is made with Beetroot and Tomato and has a crunchy texture making it the perfect convenient snack for on the go.
 Free from gluten, dairy, and egg, Kosher and suitable for those following a Vegan/Vegetarian diet.
This product is made in Australia.

Recipe Ideas with Garden Veggies Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread

1. Garden Veggies Crispibread Bruschetta: An avant-garde take on Italian classic, topped with fresh vegetables and balsamic glaze. All the nutrients are delivered in a satisfying crunch. It's suitable for breakfast or as light dinner.
2. Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread Pesto Pizza: Smear a bit of fresh basil pesto on the crispibread, add some thinly sliced tomatoes and a sprinkle of vegan cheese and bake it a bit. Healthy pizza is ready in a jiffy.
3. Garden Veggies Crispibread Greek Salad: Crumble the crispibread over a bed of freshly chopped veggies, olives, and feta. Drizzle some olive oil and squeeze a lemon. Fresh, crunchy and filling salad is ready.
4. Antipasto Platter with Crispibread: Enhance your antipasto platter by including beetroot & tomato crispibread as a gluten-free option. Pair it with your choice of dips, vegan cheeses, and olives for a wholesome snack.
5. Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread with Hummus: Get that vital protein intake by pairing the crispibread with a dollop of creamy hummus. This healthy snack is perfect for a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.
6. Breakfast Avocado Toast on Crispibread: Upgrade your avocado toast by using beetroot & tomato crispibread. It's loaded with good fats and fiber to keep you full and satisfied until lunch.
7. Vegan Nachos with Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread: Swap the traditional tortilla chips with this crispibread, top them with beans, corn, jalapenos, and vegan cheese for a healthy nacho alternative.
8. Smashed Pea and Mint Topping: Smash fresh peas with a hint of mint and lay it on the crispibread for a refreshing, nutrient-dense snack.
9. Mini Beetroot & Tomato Crispibread Pizzas: Transform your crispibread into delightful mini pizzas, using marinara sauce, veggies, and vegan cheese to keep it dairy-free.
10. Garden Veggies Crispibread with Tzatziki: For a flavorful and satisfying snack, dip your crispibread in a creamy and tangy home-made tzatziki. 
Each of these meals is an exciting culinary journey that puts nutrition first without sacrificing flavor. They're easy to make and pack in lots of taste, versatility, and freshness. Enjoy your trip through the Veggie Garden!
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